Apigenin : An interesting target for amelioration of symptoms


I would like to bring to your attention apigenin which i believe has several interesting qualities:

  1. Increases DHT (in rats)
  2. Increases testosterone
  3. Boosts StAR activity (Steroidogenic acute regulatory protein)
  4. Has anti-estrogenic properties

Also of interest is its regulation of HSD17B6 as shown in the functional diagram below. Observe the relation with SRD5A1, SRD5A2 (5 alpha reductase genes):


Food sources: Chamomile tea, Parsley

See more here:



Thanks Mariovitali.nice to see you . I hope you are still recovered from PFS?


Yes no issues still.

I am moving forward to share my research with any interested party. I will be sharing my story on a podcast and an upcoming webinar.

If there are any researchers that you think will be listening please PM me so i can contact them. I recently presented my work , you can see more here:


I talk about Chronic fatigue syndrome patients in the post but PFS is also applicable.


Ok thanks bro best wishes for your hard work


So your suggestion is to drink chamomile Tea?



Not really. It is not right to give any sort of advice even as simple as drinking chamomile tea.

What i am suggesting is that researchers should look at this compound (based on the fact that the techniques being used identify it as an interesting research target)


What fixed you brother ?


It is a personalised regimen aimed in reducing oxidative stress. There is no “universal” regimen that will work for everyone, if there was one we would have known by now.

Again, i am trying to have this work evaluated by medical community. I already contacted the admins so that i may explain my work and make a post where i explain what is going on.

An attempt i made two days ago was flagged as “spam” so i opened a ticket to explain to the admins.


Hi @mariovitali,

There are many biologically elucidated conditions for which there is no current disease-modifying treatment. The fact no consistent therapy has been stumbled upon by patients is not sound grounds for suggesting there is nothing that will work for everyone, as the etiological root driver(s) of PFS are currently unknown.

I would suggest it’s likely that sharing your usage history, experiences and individual response to whatever you tried therapeutically would be interesting to people regardless of theory if you’d like to share. As regards to explaining your theory, please see the following sections of the FAQ for information on doing so:



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Thank you @axolotl this was very useful information. I will post the theory very soon.