Anything help Delayed Ejaculation?


Hey guys,

For those that had or have delayed ejaculation, have you found anything that helped? …or something that has helped increase penis sensitivity.

I appreciate any responses.



Zinc worked for me to help with ejaculation problems, but it only lasted about a week or two. Martin and another couple of guys have claimed that Marijuana helped improve penis sensativity. I never tried that though.



Check your testosterone level and do kegel exercises if it’s good. I think lack of sensitivity has a lot to do with atrophied penile muscles. Try squeezing the shaft while it’s erect, to make the gland as hard as it can be. It should increase sensitivity. DHT seems to increase sensitivity, probably because DHT increases muscle strength.



Starting to break a vitamin E open and lubing up a few times a day. Taking a ZMA at bedtime and also joined spinachfest. See what happens.

Just had some more tests and a cystoscopy - Urologist said everything looks normal, I think it could be blood flow. He prescribed me levitra and 5 days of cipro. I stopped the cipro after 2 days due to crazy constipation.

He wants me to take levitra twice a week at least and see him in a few months.