Anyone with low E2?


I know high E2 is common with PFS patients, but is anyone like me consistently getting low E2 levels on their labs?

Low E2 symptoms manifest themselves much like high E2 ones.


Have you got clicking joints?


No, but plenty of other symptoms, which makes sense as my E2 is consistently (past 1yr) 25-30% below lower bound of normal range.


My most recent blood values:

Estradiol - 12.7 (7.6 - 42.6) was 26 two months ago
Vitamin B12 - 576 (232 - 1245)
Progesterone - 0.3 (0.0 - 0.5)
SHBG - 119.7 (16.5 - 55.9)
Testosterone, Total - 584 (264 - 916)
Testosterone, Free - 7.8 (9.3 - 26.5)
Estrone - 92 (15-65)
Estrogens, Total - 111 (40-115 pg/mL)


I feel you man!

Mine had been low for over 2 years now and it wrecked havoc with my life! Check my posts, I’ve posted a lot about low E2 symptoms. Mine had been hovering around 12-18. I felt best when it was around 22-30.

The crux of the matter is that E2 is one of those forgotten hormones when it comes to libido & motivation as well as sense of well-being. I’d even venture to say that many of the low T symptoms are actually due to low E2. Come to think of it, when T is low, so is E2. Moreover, E2 is what signals to the brain whether to increase or decrease LH & FSH levels via negative feedback loop.

If yours had been low, make sure you’re not taking anything that lowers it.