Anyone wih PFS have Neck Pain?

Ever since PFS kicked in, my neck is sore and hurts. Hard to move and painful.
It’s pretty much the entire neck area in the back close to the head. Usually, accompanied by a tightness, heaviness type headache like sensation behind the head and scalp. Maybe even inflammation. Had this since I stopped fin. back in 08. Not very pleasant.


I have read about people complaining of neck tightness and pain while on propecia. My guess - nerve dysfunction due to altered neurosteroid levels.

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Yeah I definitely have had a sore neck since crashing… it never seems to be not sore actually. I notice it more when I bend my head backwards rather than forwards or to one of the sides.

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Have your thyroid checked out – ultrasound and blood tests (incl thyroid antibodies).

That’s what it turned out to be in my case.

What exactly was the issue?

I had severe neck pain the first two weeks of the crash but it has diminished since.

i had neck muscle pain due to muscle wastage around the neck. its gone now

Well I’m having it investigated as we speak. I was feeling very tired and my scalp was burning up.

My regular doctor said that I have no thryoid issues as my TSH and T3/T4 were in the normal range.

But i was feeling weaker …fatigue… and my SCALP WAS ON FIRE like never before. My hair was thinning as well. The heat from my head was so distracting–felt like i had lice or something.

Anyway i found this POST on google which opened my eyes to the scalp burning.

After reading that normal TSH and T3/T4 is not determinative of the issue, I got my thryoid antibodies tested as well. BTW, almost all of my blood tests come in perfect (except for low-normal T) so im not used to FLAGGED results. Heres what it showed.

From what I’ve read, people are usually given Synthroid in varying amounts with moderate to low success.

Anyway, still waiting to see an endocrinologist to investigate properly.

I’m trying to go gluten free and take the supplements mentioned above.

So, what does this indicate and what supplements are you referring to? Do your high antibody results indicate Hashimoto or Graves disease? Curious. My thyroid TSH and T3/4 results are also within normal range. Thanks

Robert, I apologize for posting all that in your thread.

I meant to post it in the Hashimoto’s thread.

The post with the supplements mentioned is here.

Before taking anything new, consider getting your thyroid antibodies tested.

Hopefully the thyroid is not an issue for you – but only one way to find out.

I’m still waiting on my Endo appt for a proper diagnosis (whether it’s Graves/Hashimotos or what).


“I’m still waiting on my Endo appt for a proper diagnosis (whether it’s Graves/Hashimotos or what).”

Do “standard” endo’s believe in graves and hashimoto, and test for it, or do you recommend a holistic specialist?

Oh yes, both are recognized conditions taught in medical schools around the world.

Treatment may be hit and miss but diagnosis is much clearer.

Yes I have from today

I’ve had neck pain for two days.Because I have had pfs for about four months, I don’t know whether it’s due to pfs.
I hope it is just temporary,but the truth may be cruel.

Yes I developed neck pain and joint problems since PFS but it’s gotten much better more recently.

Glad to hear that.
What did you do?

Nothing really time I guess, maybe cycling with taurine but I doubt that has anything to do with it it’s been around 1 year and 9 months now

My neck bothers me 24/7 (tight, inflamed) and I even have some muscle twitching in my upper lip/ cheek. Might be from chronic stress.

For me,I’ve taken taurine for about a week.That shows the possibility taurine causes my neck pain.But I can’t believe it easily…At least, I feel my brain work a little more.

I have the same issue as yours, felt all this after my first crash.

I have the same right now. Hope it stopps soon.