Anyone watching game of thrones?


Definitely one of my favorite ways to take my mind off of things. What did y’all think of the premier?



Just got HBO NOW and doing something beneficial with that insomnia!



**** obvious spoilers ****

Holy fuck it was awesome!

Bran: I’m waiting for an old friend. I was like who is he talking about?! Then Jaime Lannister walks in…

Also, the Night King has some personality and insanity to him which was a crazy surprise. The way he sent a message to the wildlings and Brotherhood was savage… That little kid scared the fuck out of me.

On another note, during season 7 when Greyworm is ashamed of not having a cock/balls when Missandei is trying to get it on, I felt so strangely connected to him. I never thought I would relate to a Eunuch… On a positive spin, he made the most of it and is alive.



Lol with grey worm, theon and Varys, this show has a lot of dudes for people with PFS to sympathize with.

I really enjoyed the premier too but I was a little let down by the length. I kept hearing rumors that all the episodes would be movie length.

Super excited for the rest of the season though, it’s nice because I spend way more time on other sites engaging in discussion about each week’s episode and less time on here obsessing about stuff.



Yeah I believe 3 of the remaining episodes will be around one hour and twenty minutes in length. I too have been super active in Game of Thrones forums and subreddits haha. I love fantasy because even though it’s completely fictional, you can relate and get inspired by stories. We could all use some of that inspiration haha.



I really like fantasy too. Bit differently now as I can really only get to grips with stories about struggling against extreme difficulty and odds. There’s a fantasy manga called berserk…I like that. Also, I like dragons generally. They are good. :dragon: :dragon:

Watching the GoT premiere tonight I think. Have scrolled past spoilers :blush:



Enjoy it! Might have to check out that manga out sometime too.



My friend keeps trying to get me into berserk. He even has the brand of sacrifice tattooed on him. I’ve never really read manga but I was going to check it out one of these days.

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Nice :smile:

There’s three animated movies which are the start of the plot and dubbed/uploaded to YouTube in hd. Good place to start, though he’s probably told you it ends up pretty gruesome. It’s not for everyone certainly, but you might like it if you like GoT and aren’t averse to manga/anime.



Ok with my pro-dragon bias previously declared: There was some v good dragon scenes in that episode.

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