Anyone try Collagen peptides? … MFOAC?th=1

Thinking of trying that product…I have been having bad muscular dystrophy the past year or so and have never been on any type of hormonal protocol, I just take bioavailable b vitamins, d vitamin, e vitamin, c vitamin, zinc and magnesium and nothing is helping. I’m also going to try a bcaa product, I have bad tendinitis and can’t lift weights consistently, so I’m hoping to help my joints with these. Don’t we as PFS sufferers have bad protein synthesis? Would adding collagen (as it’s the most abundant protein in our body) help? Any input would be very appreciative.

Has anybody tried it?

Yes I take it daily doesn’t do shit for PFS

I put them in my coffee, as part of a Keto diet to lose weight. As with everything, I’m numb to it, and don’t sense an effect.

Gonna elaborate more on my thoughts here because I tried it again and still didn’t see results, Collagen peptides provide the amino acids needed for collagen synthesis, essentially providing an “ideal” environment for them, but without the androgen receptors/testosterone working properly collagen can’t be formed in the first place.

It’s really disappointing as well, because my face looks drastic, my skin is dry, grey, thin, and peeling, and people do not make eye contact with me, which pisses me off very often.

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