Anyone try Butea Superba?

I have literally no more PFS symtoms left EXCEPT (pretty bad) ED.

Its annoying the fuck out of me. Im now desperate to try anything and this compound has really intrigued me.

Apparently its a strong DHT elevator. Im hoping to re-sensetize my androgen receptors through this. I have the powder ready.

Im wondering if anyone has tried it. Plz share your experiences

I have tried this particular thing. I didn’t find any effects of it on my androgen receptors, same with tribulus terrestris. The only thing that has worked on my androgen receptors was proviron, it was too much powerful for me idk why.

If u really “HATE” Merck, please take the survey bro, It will help us if u do it, plz do.


Pure Butea Superba is usually extremely hard to find. What was your source?

Im going to give it shot. hopefully theres no negatives. Tribilus kind of worked for me but had a minor crash when i quit.

and sure ill do the survey