Anyone try BPC 157 or other healing peptides?

Hey guy’s as a lot of you know now my skin is still deteriorating body wide with ehlers danlos elasticity type symthoms, poor wound healing/repair, thinning of the skin, hard/broken down subcutaneous wastage/dermal tissue not too sure what one, numbness, easy bruising, scaring from a scape etc.
Extreamly similar to the user Konflict if anyone’s read his story, I’m in a very similar situation.

So I ask has anyone tried healing peptides such as body protective compound 157 or have any recommendations on what may thicken or tighten the skin to an extent? I know the underlying issue need to be corrected but if something could work as a bandaid solution I’d be more than happy to give something a go.

Has anyone had any success with peptides and can they be taken orally as I’d need it body wide not just locally from an injection. I understand they’re very fragile and am not sure if they’d be absorbed or destroyed by the gut.

Thanks everyone,

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One guy named BurtKocain did, noting:

I noticed initially was finding anything sexual more pleasurable. This increased slowly over time, and by the third or fourth week on BPC I could get it up through thoughts alone, even if it still took a bit longer than it had prior to taking finasteride. My anorgasmia also slowly declined - I was finally able to climax in a reasonable amount of time with a reasonable amount of effort…My emotional sensitivity also improved slowly, and was at times restored to its pre-finasteride state, which had never occurred before this. Nocturnal erections did improve significantly as well, even though morning erections were still inconsistent.

But a lot didn’t improve. Other than a lack of consistent morning wood, my sleep was just as bad on this as it was off, which is very disappointing. This sort of implies that these peptides weren’t doing much to fix the source of the problem but were instead just alleviating symptoms. It sucked finding this out because everything I’d read showcased BPC-157’s ability to heal and mend the body from wound healing, to digestive function, all the way to modulating and re-balancing neurotransmitters in former stimulant addicts. I really hoped it would have the same healing effects on the endocrine and nervous system, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I suppose it’s possible that things would eventually improve in these areas if I just kept taking it for an undetermined amount of time, but after 3 months with few missed days I figured that wasn’t terribly likely, especially considering how little improvement did happen in those areas during that time…Sadly, after stopping BPC for a number of weeks, my anorgasmia and lack of sensitivity re-emerged

Thank you for linking that Axolotl, it’s interesting he had improvements while taking it, as i suspected the underlying cause needs addressing first but it may be worth a shot. Im more worried that it’ll cause side effects as it isn’t approved for human use? Im not sure if it’s safe or dangerous. I thought Accutane was safe and look where that got me… Sigh :disappointed_relieved:

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It’s an interesting compound and his trial was interesting, although I didn’t expect much for our issue. I agree repair in ‘healing’ terms would come after. In terms of trying it, as you say as it’s at this point a research chemical, I wouldn’t personally know where to start with dosages etc.

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I understand entirely where you’re coming from Devolution: the desire to redress this accompanied by the legitimate concerns about trying something unapproved. Although I’m considering peptides myself I’d never advocate for their use because of these unknowns, but regarding injecting, I don’t believe that you are just targeting tissue at the injection site but like something taken orally it should reach the blood stream etc. Others can correct this assumption if I’m wrong.


Anyone else tried this? It looks interesting…

Anyways, just ordered some so will keep you posted.


The more I look into this, the more interesting it becomes… has systemic healing properties, influences the gut - brain axis, heals GI tract, positively influences the dopamine system in relation to stimulant abuse… Surprised not many have tried.

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You said you ordered some…Have you tried it yet?

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I’ve been taking it for a month and I have to say that I’ve had the best three weeks I’ve had since this started. My sexual sides haven’t improved much but everything else has. Whether this is placebo or not I don’t know.

My mood throughout the day has improved significantly, physically I feel good and much less anxiety.


Where did you order it


I took it and it helped with my brain. I was feeling like a normal human for about 2-4 weeks. But it faded away and now in full retard mode again. I took it 2 weeks ago again. Just orally. This time did nothing for me. Its all just a temporary fix.

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Any updates?

Didn’t do anything for me - M_C's story - 11 years of PFS

Any update? Anyone tried any of these peptides for osteoarthritis or joint issues?

I was using it on and off for awhile. Gives my brain a boost, seemed to give me energy and improve gut symptoms as well. The vendor where i bought it is MIA, but maybe I’ll use it again at some point.

Which one did you use? Was it by injection?

ya, subQ injections, low doses

Which peptide?

I just started using this again because my gut has been in bad shape. Immediately irritable bowel and appetite improved. It has also always been energizing and kind of acts as an antidepressant. The problem, it makes me a bit dull and a bit of an asshole though. It’s better than depression, but I’m just going to stick with a low dose, maybe eod.

The vendor I bought from this time is much more reputable. So it’s possible that this vial is more potent.

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