Anyone Try Amitriptyline? Better Sleep/Mood

First up, I don’t recommend you try this without a lot of research. This is a prescription antidepressant and I’m only experimenting so you don’t have to, not so you should.

Have a LOT of this on hand, wanted to try cycling it in my tribulus ‘off weeks’. I remember trying 20mg/day for a week when I first crashed just to knock me out, with almost negligible success. However last night I took 15mg and woke up feeling much better, and more ‘world connected’. This would make sense ofc with regards to allopregnalone levels/boosting GABA I think.

Anyone else try it? Did you feel better or worse or nothing?

how did it work out? I’m considering this too

Didn’t get much feedback and so didn’t take much of it, maybe just a couple of nights. I don’t recall how it went now, so it probably didn’t wow me.

I think its poison,

Amitriptyline gave me depression when I took it years ago.