Anyone tried CARLYTENE?



Anyone tried CARLYTENE ?
Any benefits from it ?


Can you explain why you’re asking? What would you expect it to do if it is helpful?

Not wishing to criticise you personally, but we have lots of posts that are essentially a sentence and a link that sink without trace as they’re not very engaging.

Can you have another go?


@Greek what’s with the tone?


No tone intended. Apologies to @Johny963 if it sounded like I was being negative.

I think we’d all be better off if a topic like this explained why a particular substance might be beneficial and to which parts of the community.


Anyone tried bananas?
Any benefits?


I read that Bananas help with sleep, has anyone noticed their sleep has been helped by eating bananas? Here’s a link to what bananas are: bananawebsite, on the site it says you shouldn’t eat more than 100 bananas a day, as you might turn yellow.

It just seems like you’ll get more responses to the second topic from people who are interested in improving their sleep.

The first one will be largely ignored, as this one has. I’m just trying to help everyone get more out of the forum. If we’re to make the most out of this place, perhaps we should spend the extra 2 or 3 minutes contextualising what we’re saying.


I hope bananas really help with sleep and you aren’t just using this as an example. I ate one about 15 minutes ago and am going to go lay down now.

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Well @Dubya_B :

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But aren’t bananas supposed not to be included in PFS sufferers diets? ( THAT is out of sheer provocation, but I think I read it somewhere).:innocent::innocent:


No idea, I eat a banana most days though.


Same thing here… The early days of my crash I was so down I had no will to get up or go to the shop or cook… I would buy tons of bananas and mostly eat it through the day… I eat fewer now though…


I eat one almost daily. It was one of those survival rations when I was younger. Never seemed to have an issue.


For anyone else who had no clue what Carlytene (Moxisylyte) is, it appears to be an a-adrenergic antagonist that is prescribed as an ED med in some countries.