Anyone thought just to let it go?

and when im saying let it it go im not talking about suicide but just give up on the sex part. assuming libido problems are your only problems. i had this in my mind a couple of times. i thought just. ‘‘what if i dident cared for sex and thats it’’ i mean life are full of joyos things you dont need to think about sex all the time. sometimes i feel like we ruin it for oursevles. i know that there can be worse. ive been locked up in psychiatric assylum for like 8 times and believe me there is nothing worse then this. it seems im more gratefull now. making my money. playing video games. watching movies. eating delicious foods and so on. sometimes i feel like im digging my own grave when im thinking about my PFS and side effects. it bothers me. i feel like i want to just forget about all this but i allwayes think about the opposite sex. it makes me so irritated i cant focus on things i usally enjoyed in the past like video games and movies. i feel i need to over-compensate. im 7 years after PFS started and im thinking of just giving up and forgetting about my libido problems and focusing on the rest of my life. what do you think?

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Honestly, if it’s just libido. Go on and live your life, it’s not like you’d be banging a girl every day haha, but of course, if it’s something that bothers you, you can obviously still look in to the matter trying to restore your libido while living your life man.

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thats the point i cant focus on my life because i focus on how misrable how i am and how i need to restore my libido to enjoy life. im obsessed about it. i wish i could just let it go but i cant. im just thinking how great it was if i could


Well, how bad is it? My hormonal cycle is messed up, i have a lot of libido during night times, and non-existent throughout the daytime

really bad. shurnken dick to the point no woman would want me. i have libido but thats i think part of the reason im freaking out. i have sex drive that i cant satisfy. thats the problem

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Oh, i don’t understand then. It’s not only libido? Aye, got the shrunken/wrinkly dick during flaccid, but erections are pre-fin, you’re experiencing the same?

i have other things like weight gain and gyno but i dont think its because of fin but because of psychiatric drugs im taking. i said i have libido but my dick is way smalled of what it used to be. erections as well. in flaccid its almost nonexistent. in erection its like of a child. i can musterbate but i cant maintain it for long. its not strong enough for actual sex and i cum very quickly. i have insanly high urge i think thats what keep fucking me up. if i dident had the urge i wouldent care. but the urge for the opposite sex is killing me. like im watching a movie and seeing a beautiful girl and thinking to myself i can never have that. but sometimes i wish i could just let it go and not think about sex or love or anything connected to the that but its just everywhere. i cant shake this over me

ill say this much

i have sex regularly

but my brain doesnt function as good as before. i would definitely trade my brain for my dick for the time being

because i have faith that there will be a cure for this.

making up for lost time building a career, earning, etc is far more valuable to me if had to choose 1


I thought about this too but when you see couples out and about all love up and don’t feel the same intimate love for a women anymore that you once felt is detrimental to any mans wellbeing. Sexual desire is what pushes men to do better, to strive for greatness, everything is surrounded by sex, the clothes you wear, the haircut you get, going to the gym to look better people don’t realise how important and motivating it is.


Trust me. I was locked up in a psychiatric assylum like a prisoner. There is more to life then sex. We just need to let go of our obsession to it. Video games. Movies. Cormftable life. Just being able to live in a nice place of your own in peace is motivating enough.


i disagree with sexual desire is what pushes men to do better.

at least not for me.

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We are the same about that feelings. I hear you man.

If you honestly can let It go, then go for it. I cannot, I forget about It sometimes, but the second I see a cute girl, or a Happy couple I feel very miserable, like theres no amount of material things or places to go, or stuff to do that will make Up for the lack of the pleasurable feelings of love and intimacy.


If we are not pushed by libido we should be pushed to get it back. That’s my moto to keep the desire to live there. I should also mention that I was oblivious of this condition for the first 1-2 years I had this condition, and when I was dating a Japanese girl for a year of that time I was concerned about my low libido but I had some libido and my mental state was not AS poor because I didn’t know I was permanently broken yet. I am still very disturbed from when she asked, “why aren’t you hard in the morning?”. I need to get this morning wood back. IMO, morning wood is the sign that we are healthy again. Anyway, gotta finish this squat set. Hopefully I have wood tomorrow but that’s probably wishful thinking


Morning wood happened! Not too hard though, maybe 80%. I had a dream of holding hands with a girl I used to like and woke up with the semi. From two years of journal entries I’ve kept, heavy leg workouts remain the most consistent tool for helping my penis stiffen (after Cialis).

Yeah since PFS I feel the effects of a leg workout immediately. Gives a big DHT boost.


Getting your libido back isnt the problem. The problem is the penis shrinkage. If it dident happend to you your in luck. If it did then strong libido make it much worse cuz you cant stop thinking about it and it ruins your life. I wish i dident had libido. Ive yet never heard about anyone who reversed his penis size. Not one. I started working out. It improved my fatigue greatly. But nothing i will do will get my penis size back. Thats over and done in that aspect

Have you tried a bathmate? There’s surgical options too

Maybe if we could understand better the condition, things could be improved…maybe by filling out the survey ?

My physical and mental sides, almost made me forgot about sexual ones.
I’d like work, run, play computer games, fix cars, but I can’t.