Anyone suffering from Hyperthyroidism (high t4, low tsh)?

Hey everyone. Just got new lab test results in.

My Testosterone was at 5 nmol (range: 8-29) after my first crash some weeks ago.
2 weeks after last test, my testosterone is at 20. My pre-fin was 17 (2 years ago).

My estrogen level is normal (at the lower end).

I am only suffering from the mental sides such as anxiety, low mood, brain fog etc.

My thyroid levels are however quite imbalanced, high t4 and free t4 and low TSH. T3 is normal. Anyone experienced similar?

My TSH levels were always 1.2 for 4 years straight. A month after fin, it dropped to .7, which is still within normal range, but it looked very suspicious. I was have hyperthyroid symptoms such as faster gut motility, diarrhea after every meal, etc.
It’s now at around 1. Only major symptom remaining is digestive issues, which I don’t think is caused by thyroid problems.

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What about your T4?

Unfortunately, I never got my T4 tested pre-fin.

Post-fin, T4 came out in the middle of normal range both times.

Oh I see. Usually people suffering from PFS experience low T4, or hypothyroidism and not hyperthyroidism. That’s why I’m very confused about my condition. I have all symptoms of hyperthyroidism…

What is your TSH level?

TSH: 0.10 (0.40 - 4.80)
T4: 156 (70 - 140)
T4 Free: 25.5 (12 - 22)

TSH is very low, T4 and free very high.

These are my values. 2 weeks ago my testosterone was at 5nmol (2 weeks after my crash). My pre-fin T level was at 17.

Did your doctor mention anything about your thyroid levels?

Yes, he said that it indicates that I have hyperthyroidism and that the cause is unknown. I however get medication for it now and should feel effect in some weeks.

That’s good. At least you got a diagnosis.

Unfortunately, all the doctors I’ve seen couldn’t give me anything except something I could easily google myself, which obviously wouldn’t apply in my situation, because the cause was finasteride, not a common cause. Why the fuck are they being paid $200+k for being a walking google search engine?

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I feel you. I’ve been to several doctors and no one had a clue until I met this one who diagnosed me with something. Time will show what happens however. Still dealing with lower abdominal pain and mental sides.

I have no sexual sides.

My thyroid results were something like this…

Free T4 = 1.88 ng/dl (0.9-1.7)
TSH = 2.05 (0.54-5.3)

My endo was scratching his head. He asked me whether I take any T4 suppliments, but I have never touched any such suppliment in my life. He was clueless looking at my results. I told him about Finasteride but he doesn’t want to hear anything bad about fin.

Your T4 production is high. Are you experiencing anxiety/rapid heartbeats/diarrhea etc?

Also, your doctor should measure your T4 (not just free) and T3 for a proper result.