Anyone stain white sheets yellow when they sleep with PFS?

Kind of an odd question I know. Im also aware this can just be a sweating issue.
The thing is, It has seemed I dont really sweat that much or as much post Accutane.
My Gfs side of the bed would be completely white, while mine would be stained horribly yellow including my pillow case.
My main wonder based on what ive been looking at, would be altered skin ph possibly due to altered skin bacteria that could be causing the yellowing.

Anyone else have this going on? Curious.

Yes my sheets are stained. Have to buy dark sheets to cover it up. Some how I can stain grey sheets dark grey. My wife says I’m a freak!

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It’s a shame this is rarely said with a positive connotation toward the membership here. :confused:

I do. maybe it’s a liver problem toxins goes out trough the skin

Yes same issue. I had put it down to the creams

Yeah that is so strange