Anyone similar to me?

I know a lot of people suffer from ED and numbness but I was wondering if anyone had sexual symptoms more like myself. I can get rock hard erections (glans stays a bit deflated though), and the skin itself has some sensation (especially on the bottom below the glans) but more the most part it is numb when masturbating or having sex like the muscle below the skin has no feeling. When I ejaculate It has crazy force but there is almost no feeling. I recently went over a week without ejaculation and it seems to make orgasms even more numb. The only time is gets a little better is when I’ve masturbated a lot in a day. It almost seems like the more watery and less volume of my jizz the better everything feels.

Anyway I just haven’t heard anyone describe their symptoms quite like this. It’s like I have full penile function except for feeling.