Anyone knows more about this service called KEEPS?

Lately i’ve repeatedly encountered ads of this company/service called KEEPS, they have a very interesting subscription based business model.
Here’s an example of some of their ads:

Firstly, the add sketch is absolutely atrocious and pompous, aside from that, I find it specially outrageous mainly because these ads are placed at videos aimed to young males on the internet, very smart from their part, but sad at the same time; seems like we will be getting a lot of young new members in the coming years (which although is sad, having high numbers of affected patients at least will help with the disease visibility and interest, which probably will boost research, if we were only 4 people here on the other hand, we could totally forget about finding a cure).
Something interesting is that in the video, it is mentioned that if you subscribe to their service, you get access to professional medical advice online, I was just wondering what would they tell these young people when some of them start reporting side effects, would they cut off the treatment and give a refund, or would they convince them they are of psychosomatic nature to keep selling them their products? What do you guys think? Anyone knows of people with experience with them?
I know there’s not too much to discuss, I really just wanted to point this out, it’s just so frustrating.


It’s not KEEPS (stupid fucking name for a company, by the way. Should be called CREEPS). But I think this gives you an insight into what you can expect from their “professional” medical advice online. If you end up ruined by this drug you’re probably told some run of the mill corporate message about how sorry they are but you should refer to a specialist if you experience issues.

And you’re right, I suspect we will be seeing more young men in here. Young men typically have lower risk aversion and if they’re told this is a safe drug and the concept of taking it is normalised it’s very likely they will. Especially in today’s image obsessed society.


They will most definitely call it psychosomatic and play innocent.

Like Erik I think we’re on the verge of a huge wave of new finasteride victims with the Instagram brainwashed youth starting to enter mid 20.

How cruel it may sound, this might help us in the long run. One of the challenges will be recognition of PFS by these patients themselves and their physicians. Most GPs have never heard of PFS, their symptoms mimic depression and if these unknowing patients are being told they’re just depressed they will probably believe it…


I think because the younger generation are more internet savvy and use platforms such as reddit it’s quite likely they will find their way here. The key will be to ensure they don’t hurt themselves with nonsensical “protocols” and instead rally behind our efforts.

We’re also making good progress with increasing recognition. Medical textbooks are now including PFS and PSSD, ABC will likely do a primetime feature on PFS etc. I think if we continue to push this issue is going to reach critical mass in terms of acceptance. It will become much easier getting parents and family involved at this point as well.