Anyone knowledable? please

so what symptoms do you have?

Did you take fin/prop accutane ,ssri etc?

what was abnormal on your blood tests?

I have a thread in the member stories section with all the details.

Fin then dut

Genital sensitivity is the main issue for me

Free test was low
Total test I’ve had one test where it was high (like 1200) and another where it was middle of the road, 400’s maybe? (Free test was low in both cases, though)
Prolactin was slightly high but nothing crazy
Estradiol was “normal” but on the lower end than what I see guys on TRT forums recommend
Everything else I had checked was normal

@joey10 Unfortunately what you have is the PFS. Everyone told you so.
The drastic diet has reduced you androgens along with Gel.

This is the cause of your PFS. The fact that you linger that others have your same problems from TRT is nonsense, first because you did not TRT and secondly it is known that Testosterone and DHT can down-regulate and up-regulate the AR receptor. So, what are you surprised about?

Do not have any problem in the blood considerable. If it were E2 low or DHT low it would be enough to raise it. This is not it. You have an androgen resistance. I give you advice, if you want the diagnosis of the PFS made to do Evaluation-Immunohistochemistry of the AR in the foreskin. The same I’m trying to get it, at a university from Melcangi. This is the only exam that can confirm the diagnosis.

Unfortunately it is what we are, otherwise why are we here? :alien::space_invader::grin:

I am here because I share many symptoms with these people here. Also my DHT is 220 (300-850) so it is low. I would like to see it in normal range before saying I have post alien disease or whatever you claim it is.

Go look at my thread i posted all my hormones. They seem normal to me but still lots of sides.

If you just want to bump up DHT then proviron should do that. For me it made me worse though

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is proviron over the counter? Im looking to get something over the counter, or a fitnes store or something. I dont want something to make me worse. Stuff like Creatine, l tyrosine, im willing to try. Isn’t it fair I get my Dht to normal levels before claiming pfs and androgen resistance!?

Its like someone with a 121 total testosterone level claiming hes resistant to testosterone, hes not resistant, he simply doenst have it.

No, it is not available over the counter, at least not in the US. I think it is some places.

Yeah, some people are totally fine after getting their test up… some people aren’t, it’s hard to say how you will react. But it’s also hard to get substantial increases using OTC stuff

Try 20g of creatine a day and see how you feel. We have already said.
If you feel worse you have the PFS. Try and tell me how it goes.

I did the 20g a day for like 5 days, I got rid of the tired eyes, but still have the low libido and numbness.
I drank 1 l of soy milk yesterday and 500ml today and my scrotum for the first time in 2.5 years is loose like normal, still lack of sensation/numbness and no libido tho

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Drinking soy milk isn’t going to raise your E2 from 11 to a desirable 20. Soy is supposedly bad for men as well because it is full of phytoestrogens and isoflavones. It looks like your liver values are a little high and so are your cholesterols. Did your doctor say anything about this?

Additionally, you need to do the E2 sensitive test to know exactly how much E2 you have in your body, man. Any other test is pretty much invalid. I think the most conservative approach for you would be to eat a large caloric diet for a few months, then try new things out.

How much do you weigh? How tall are you? How old are you?


im 24, this started at 21 years old. I cant find the sensitive e2 testing here in Croatia.
My normal weight is anything from 150-170 lbs at 5.10’’’ however on this diet I went down to 138lbs. For the last 2.5+ years I have been at or over 170 lbs.


Wow you got really lean, man haha! 138 pounds… No wonder you felt bad. Well since the E2 test isn’t available, we’re gonna have to work with what we got. Keep eating and exercising, and take your vitamins. Keep taking creatine and chill out on the soy milk. I don’t think that is the solution, or you would’ve felt better from the amounts you’ve been chugging lol.

If after eating consistently large and working out you still feel bad, I would reevaluate a plan and possibly get more lab work done. I’d start with the “safest protocols” and do amino acids, 5-HTP, etc. then move on to more intense things like clomid, testosterone, etc. Start conservatively and work your way up :slight_smile:

If anyone disagrees with me, please comment away. I believe strategizing as a team can lead to success.

Hyperprolactinemia can lead to loss of sexual pleasure, have you checked prolactin?

I disagrees. Clomid? Do you have any idea that what happened to you can happen to him?

5-HTP is Danger.

My advice does not take anything. Me to take Vitamin b1, I fucked.

I know I used to always complain that when exercising or running, my genitals would retract, shrivel up. Its like the body is stuck in this state now? Anyone else have a cold feeling at the tip of their penis as well as leak urine?!