Anyone here with perfect blood levels? What have you tried?


I wanted to know if people who have hormonal panels with everything in range have tried tribulus or other stuff? If so, to what effect? Thanks.

Even though your bloods are in range it is not necessarily saying they are normal. You need to search for tendency. Maybe low androgens, maybe too high E and Progesteron relative to Testosteron.

Anyway, ive did two bloods with one week difference, one of them was highly out of range and fucked, the other was in range. Maybe try again. You can check mine on my member story.

Yeah but given that bloods are in range, it is highly unlikely they need to be adjusted? Wouldn’t that mean that all hormones are fine but that it is possible that androgen receptors are fucked and need repair?

Ranges make sense if all of your hormones are in the avarge.

If you for example have low LH, FSH and T levels, having high E and Progesteron in these terms may indicate a form of hormonal imbalnce.

My LSH is actually out of the range, on the higher end. Zinc, SHGB are on the lowest end of the normal range. FSH is on the lowest end of the normal range.

DHT has fallen quite a lot since fin. Currently DHT is 724.17 pg/mL (Normal range is 250-990). My pre-fin DHT was around 900.

Prolactin 27.9 ng/mL is quite high(Normal said to be between 4-15).

My urologist said that these levels are not concerning. People with these levels usually don’t have ED. Strange.

PFS is quite complicated syndrom in my opinion, and for urologist that never seen any patient with this syndrom before he probably will not look at the right thing he need to look at.

Doctors in general working according to the litreature and not to the mechanisem of the body. The only thing they can analyze its compare your bloods to other syndroms the medical litreature aknowledge.

hormones have a lot of ratios, and rules that we cant even pretened to understand. if you have pre-fin and post-fin blood tests, please post them so we can see and learn.

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