Anyone here tried minoxidil after very bad side effects from finasteride?

I’m just curious, anyone here had bad side effects from fin and recovered and then tried minoxidil to any success?

I had very bad side effects from just 1 finasteride pill and recovered a few weeks later. Those 3 weeks were like hell and definitely the worst I’ve ever felt. I don’t want to relive that ever again but recently my hair has been thinning a lot faster to a point where I have to resort to using hair fibers to hide it and It’s terrifying for a 25 year old you know?

I’m thinking about doing minoxidil. I’ve read upon on the dangers of it and I haven’t heard of many cases of pfs caused by minoxidil? If it caused more serious problems, it wouldn’t be something just available over the counter right? My other option was to try one of those subscription services like md hair/piolt/mosh and try their hair sprays (which contain minox).

What are your thoughts and experience? Any advise is appreciated.

You can use the search option, but making long story short: DON’T!
Also don’t touch anything antiandrogenic ever again(including saw palmetto, higher doses of zinc etc.)! I would say don’t use any hairloss products to be safe(especially including hairloss shampoos), perhaps apart from hair fibers. Even better: get over being depressed about hairloss and shave it or cut it short. It may take some time to get over it, but losing couple months on being depressed is nothing compared to all the stories here. You can actually be ok with hairloss, but if you get permanent side effects from any “safe” products then it is too late.
Take care and enjoy your life. Don’t fall for hairloss trap pleease. Unsubscribe from any Reddit, YouTube hairloss channels, forums etc. If you need some support just write a pm to me.

PS Fin in smaller doses is a big NO NO too


@anotherone200 - Please take heed of what @happy_to_fight has written.

It’s perfectly understandable that you’re feeling the way that you are. That’s what has been exploited over the past few decades. But please don’t roll that dice again. People have been stung with minoxidil, including it affecting collagen. I have now lost my hair and I am perfectly happy with it. If I knew what I knew now when I started to lose my hair I would have cropped it short in a heart beat and enjoyed my young life to its fullest. All these treatments do is maintain anxiety, profit unscrupulous companies, and put you at profound risk with no known fix.

I feel your pain over hair loss, but everyone here would be ecstatic to be in your position: to have a healthy body with the full potential that that brings with it. Don’t mess with that. Play safe.


And another message to @anotherone200 and everyone that will stumble on this post is:
If some side effects are not mentioned on medication flyer then it doesn’t mean that you cannot get them. The reason is either you will be dismissed by a doctor with the complaints about your physical, neurological or other changes as “everything is normal to me” or that one cannot link this to fin or min or whatever.

This behavior would be understandable if you had taken some crazy research chemical, but for Rx drug it is unethical to dismiss or not inform about the full extend of the risk.

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Minoxidil indirectly caused my PFS. I used generic min during a fin hiatus and at some point switched to brand name Rogaine because the generic did nothing but irritate my scalp. The Rogaine caused a massive shed of what little hair I had left but I didn’t make the connection. In a panic I started back on fin, got sides, quit, and crashed.

Had I simply quit the min and did nothing else I would be a normal person living a normal life and not some fucked up decomposing shell of a human.