Anyone here take RU58841 for hair loss?

So I was losing hair back in 2010 and took 16 pills generic propecia named Fincar. I felt a crash and put on mad weight when I stopped and lower body temp too.

Then because of my strenuous public job I felt pressured to try other ways to stop the hair loss. Many users at the hairloss forums were raving about this androgen blocker titled RU58841. I have read it blocks DHT differently than fin does, but I can’t find the study website. I took 50mg of this a night for 6 months. I was busy with work during that time but after I stopped I realized by body and energy progressively changed. Total man boobs, loose soft skin,no redness to body, just a little trouble maintaining hard ons. Once I stopped things have not gotten better. I never got any of this before the RU58841. Even after the fincar use it wasnt this bad.

Do you think the RU58841 is still binding my androgen receptors? or do you think I’m screwd because of the fincar and taking the RU58841 just made my life 100x worse? again there are some websites that mention how RU58841 blocks dht in a different way than fin, but I cannot find it anywhere. Any info on this stuff from anyone? Or any previous users? I’m scared sh*tless.

How are you doing now?

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