Anyone have tried bupropion? How is the result?



So you did not take a bunch of crap really before or after going on bupriopion. Just viagra and cialis

What I like the most about this is how as you go on the bupropion more and more sexual sides improve . This is what makes it creditable to me

Please keep us posted

No, viagra and cialis for the ED which came later. I took tribulus, L cartinine, sulforaphane and some others while I was in the thick of it. Not sure if they had any positive impact at all. Unlikely, but still makes it hard to pinpoint if there was someething that helped.

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Sounds like there is a good chance it was the
bupropion. Hopefully more people will post experiences with it . I’m going to fun a few two weeks on two weeks off natural increase of dopamine experiments and use the results to decide if I’m going to run bupropion.

One of my thoughts is that imagine if it is lack of dopamine in the brain and imagine that the longer this goes on for the more damage it does. And if this could be prevented with bupropion. Just thinking out loud .


With Bupoprion total weirdness in the Brain Stopps. You can live something like being relaxed again …

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I am very interested in your trial so please report back.

Tobacco users and coffee drinkers are at a lower risk to get Parkinson’s and I recently started “snus” which is big in Sweden. It’s basically a bag of tobacco you put under your lip. It does give me a slight relief of symptoms.

I’m not sure if it’s due to increased dopamine or some other pathway that it reduces the risk though.


Have you taken it ?


It’s amazing to me how things can change from simply taking amino acids .

Since stopping the l-tryptophan, 5-HTP and B6 for serotonin production and starting the Phenylalanine and Tyrosine for dopamine production I have noticeably went back to my sexual side baseline. It’s day 14 since being off the L-Tryptophan and 5-HTP and I can see the decline in my constipation which was expected based on previous trials even though the constipation is not that bad as of now still which is good news. Maybe the constipation can stay cured at least to a certain degree by several “cycles” of the L-Tryptophan and 5-HTP. The sexual sides being back to my regular PFS baseline is good news obviously but still my baseline in this area is bad. So vitamin B4 and and B6 (like with serotonin) are co factors for dopamine production which I did not end up starting immediately with the Phenylalanine and Tyrosine because I was out. I got more B6 yesterday so I added that yesterday. I’m waiting on B4 to be delivered because apparently B4 is hard to find in stores so I’ll add the B4 in the next few days. I like the slowly every few days adding in all the dopamine stuff anyway just because the slower approach the safer . I’ll also start increasing Phenylalanine dosage today . I’ll keep the Tyrosine dosage the same for now. So yea I’ll slowly increase dosages on everything . It’s not an exact science . It’s really guess work especially because I did not test dopamine levels before starting because I did not feel like spending the money right now. I’ll keep trying to increase the catecholamines and once something happened’s for the good or bad I’ll retest to see how much dopamine, norepinephrine and Epinephrine is in my urine

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I did. It made my symptoms (anxiety/depression) worse. I stopped taking it after 3 days. The only thing that helped me for anxiety was Silexan (CalmAid)


Did you also get the PFS sexual sides ?

What impact did the Bupoprion have on the sexual sides if you got them


So bupropion made @Giatriko’s anxiety worse

Apparently it made your anxiety better. Did you get the PFS sexual sides ? And if so what impact did the bupropion have on the sexual sides

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Would you guys be willing to get a urine neurotransmitter test done so we can see if we can see anything obvious that jumps out at us that could explain why Exsesgod’s anxiety gets better and Giatriko’s anxiety gets worse from a dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor

Also, maybe it’s not about what’s happening anxiety wise immediately after going on it … maybe it’s about giving the drug a chance to get dopamine working again

Both other guys @Tricky and @roy1 needed to be on it for a little while before their sexual sides started getting better.

@Tricky during the first two weeks of bupropion while you were waiting on the bupropion to start positively impacting your sexual sides did you notice anything with anxiety for the better or worse ?

@roy1 same thing right ? You stayed on bupropion for months. And over time the sexual sides got better…did it hurt or help anxiety after initially going on it ?

The thing I like the most here is that out of 4 people no one’s PFS got all round worse from experimenting with bupropion. I think I’m almost sold on trying it

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So bupropion made your anxiety worse and made you a little nuts?

What did it do to your sexual sides ?

When you stopped taking it did you return to regular PFS baseline as far as your mental state goes?

Also who are the other people you know who took bupropion that it worked out good for?. It would be nice to get them all in this one thread


Yes that’s correct I’ve become extremely sensitive these past few years and desperation to improve my deteriorating baseline drives me to try stuff “generally what seems less dangerous”
I displayed symptoms of high dopamine. Agression, agitation, with a feeling of strength. No wood but weight in my penis and darkened urine. My libido has been gone for close to a decade.
It suggests to me that no dopamine is getting through then a slight increase via bupropion overwhelmed the receptors.

My baseline has slightly worsened further as a result

I’ve had a similar recent experience from Cialis which is also well tolerated by many.

Searching the forum only brought the conclusion of bupropion working for some



I was thinking something similar . But that dopamine is being kept low production wise and probable the amount of dopamine in the CNS being kept low . Due to overly sensitive dopamine receptors . So forcing dopamine on the receptors which I’m assuming is what happened’s when you prevent Dopamine’s reabsorption. Almost like I’m expecting to feel the same way you felt on it . Dangerous question becomes will forcing ourselves to feel bad on it end up making us better by decreasing the dopamine receptor sensitivity or through a similar mechanism putting us back into equilibrium. Or will it make us worse due to the “forced” dopamine causing more damage. Reading about something like Parkinson’s it sounds like it’s the lack of dopamine over the years causing the damage that results in Parkinson’s symptoms . Thinking along these lines it seems logical to increase Dopamine in the brain. But it’s still guess work with PFS because we don’t know if this is what’s happening. As far as we know body lowered dopamine to avoid more damage

When you say you are now a little worse then regular baseline since stopping the bupropion do you mean in all areas ? How long has it been since your stopped the bupropion?

I’ll see what I can find on other peoples bupropion trials and post them here . If we are going to gamble with our lives why not gamble with as much info as possible


As far as I know my anxiety was still pretty bad. Maybe I was a little bit calmer after a few days, and suffered fewer panic attacks. It was really when I my libido returned that my anxiety and depression really started to lift. I heard the buproprion takes a couple of weeks to kick in anyway (according to my doctor).


@5-alpha-victim everything you say is bang on. All areas have slipped a little I’d say it was approximately 4 weeks ago. Possibly too early to tell but this has been the pattern for me. I don’t tend to improve with time.

@ Tricky


So more or less no change in your bad anxiety when you went on buproprion. As you went and your sexual sides improved the anxiety went away . Which makes sense that it would go away especially if the anxiety is over the sexual sides which in my case it is

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@ LazarusRy

I wonder if the anxiety was natural response to increasing dopamine in the brain that body may be lowering . So you give it what it thinks it does not want and get anxiety. You come off and drop below regular baseline after starting to increase what’s low and then right back to and below regular PFS baseline by taking away again and not giving body what it needs .

Unfortunately only way to know would have been to stay on it in spite of if making anxiety worse . And that’s taking a big risk because at that point you are ignoring what your body and mind is telling you in hopes that your mind simply “does not know” what it needs due to neurotransmitters being out of wack

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@5-alpha-victim it’s very complex and difficult to make sense of with so much at play. Your theories make sense as always. It does feel as though in my particular situation that my body and brain or operating on lower and lower amounts of neuro steroids and androgens and I come to that conclusion based on what I see going on Infront of me, IE a continued deterioration in every area regardless of doing nothing or trying interventions . A very worrying path. I can’t find anyone on the forum in the same pair of trousers to compare with though I do share symptoms with some

This is the amount of catecholamines in my blood.My dopamine level was low, less than 65.2.I also think my adrenaline level is on a low level