Anyone have loose hanging excess scrotum skin?

I assume its due to lack of androgens. Wondering if anyone else has this symptom.

I had it for ~6 months after crash. After that the scrotum gradually began feeling fuller, and now at 1 year mark it feels almost normal.

Yes, I definitely have it. When my testicles are in the “tight” position, the skin is very thick and leathery (evidence of excess skin). But when they’re in the “loose / low” position, the excess skin becomes even more apparent. There is a solid two inches of empty, flat skin that hangs down like a flat rectangle below the bottom of my testes. I don’t know what the cause is, but it may be that the testicles have shrunk leaving the scrotum empty. In any case, there absolutely is excess skin.

yes exactly, you almost said word for word what my problems are. My scrotum also feels leathery and thick when in tight position. Then when hanging loose its very obvious there is excess skin.

How long have you had this issue, how long have you had PFS?

I’m only 3 weeks or so post-crash. Many of my symptoms are getting better but I still feel like this issue hasn’t changed at all.

You know HCG will fix that straight away, it never happened to me as I was on HRT and HCG is a fertility drug that reverses testicular atrophy which occurs from testosterone therapy shutting down the testicles. It may improve your symptoms by about 50% if you have testicular atrophy, I suggest you buy some HCG and get your testicles back up and running. Most of your symptoms are secondary from the testicular atrophy, your testosterone must be extremely low. While this will not fix PFS, it will help by about 50% in your situation.

im hesistant to add anything right now, i was considering HCG and i still am, but i am trying to stay natural at the moment because i don’t want to make things any worse.

I also have this problem , I noticed it a few days ago and it was out of nowhere , one day they were normal and the next there was all that excess skin. Is there a way to fix that ?

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