Anyone has this?

Anyone else has this area around the root retracted/pulled to inside?


yes i have this, but from escitalopram. also, the muscle that you use to flex the penis doesnt seem to work
.i have no idea why

I have the same symptoms.
The body of the penis is getting shorter and shorter as it is swallowed by the scrotum.
The base of the penis is very itchy.
It’s smaller than a child’s penis.

I’ve been 3 years with PFS and my penis has shrunk from 6 inches flaccid to about two inches. If this continues I’ll not have anything to hold while I pee!

Yes same for me, and also cant flex my pc muscle

I tried to stretch this area by sitting naked in a squatting position and pulling my penis along with my ball sac backwards, it was sore and made me crash for 10 days