Anyone has sexual symptoms without Libido loss?

Just wanted to ask this to figure out some medical pattern among us, and it is also about my personal experience. So anyone here have sexual symptoms but 100% unchanged libido (visual arousal, and feelings of desire) ? Please state your own experience if you fit the profile, thanks.

I personally never noticed any changes on my dopamine like arousal/ visual lust and general libido after crash. ( i am rare and mild case) but heard some other people have different set of particular symptoms too. Like only numb orgasms or only semen volume issues without libido loss… is it possible?

Yes, me. I still have my high libido, but there’s basically a lot less blood flow “down there”. It’s like the signal from the brain isn’t even close to what it’s been before.

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I have PSSD with only sexual dysfunction of this type:
-I still have interest and sexual desire, I can fantasize about having sex and taking sexual initiative
-this is driven mostly by emotions and feelings
-I also have lustful desire, sometimes I watch videos to get excited like I used to do, however:
-I have lack of genital reaction: the clitoris no longer reacts by becoming aroused, blood does not reach, I feel no tension there, if I stimulate the clitoris it does not give pleasure, whereas before it was instant arousal and pleasure. I can reach orgasm through “forced” and not pleasant stimulation. orgasm no longer gives real satisfaction. it is “contracted”, mechanical, without large spasms.
-despite I having libido, this is not 100% because it does not meet the excitement and pleasure that would give rise to a virtuous circle.

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I also have a normal libido, and my only sexual issues are ED and ejaculatory anhedonia.

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Hi Cooper,

Yes, I still have a relatively high libido and only believe it’s been rather lowered due to the stress of other sexual symptoms. My main issue right now is genital numbness, particularly along the lower shaft and glans.

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The depression from the physical symptoms has definitely impacted my libido for sure
So it’s tough to say if my libido is actually affected by this OR it’s a symptom of the depression caused by this.

I used to have raging libido when I was younger as most do.
I was considering laying off porn to re-sensitize the dopamine receptors tho. Like a solid 2 months just to see if it’ll help.
I feel if I’m calm, relaxed and confident I’d be ok libido wise. But this shit runs deep and libido is so very mental so it’s like I’m fighting myself

Yes I still have a massive libido but I have chronic erection problems as in difficulty getting it up and keeping it up

I have normal libido but erection problems that got worse after the 5th year of PFS. I even have it when I’m dreaming, a couple nights ago in my dream I was with a woman, and I had ED even in my dream :confused: .

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