Anyone from Montreal?

Anyone on this site from Montreal?

After fighting this thing for the last 2 years, I feel the need to exchange with someone who can actually understand what I am going through … nobody can relate perfectly to what it actually feels like, unless someone else who is impacted.

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Hi @progress,
I live in Montreal, and I’m 4 years post first crash, still suffering sides with some improvements. Drop me a direct message, if you want to exchange contacts or meet up.

Thanks for replying to the post, it looks like @progress signed in a week or so ago, but I’ll just tag him here to make sure he gets a notification.

Whilst I’m posting, can you both please take our survey, so that we won’t all be in the same position 4 years from now.

Thank you for helping, I intend to progressively do the needful metioned in the what can I do post

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Hey guys ! Thanks for your support. I have been off this site dor several months (maybe year+ ?) but decided it was time to check back in. Going to bed now but will be back soon with update.


Coolio, let us know of your welll @progress ^^

Just posted here :

I realize my condition has been pretty stable for the last 2 years, so not much more to add, but still wanted to check in to let everyone know.

Cheers !

Great to hear you are now “stable”, by which I assume you mean feeling good.maybe not 100% but decent enough.

I’m originally from Montreal and live in Toronto now. I’ve been suffering since 2013 without much success. I’m back in MTL every few months and would love an opportunity to meet with a fellow sufferer and exchange feedback…

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