Anyone experimented with DIM?

Has anyone experimented with DIM (Diindolylmethane)? It was shown to lower AR expression in some studies, which might benefit PFS patients if the AR overexpression (and androgen bell curve) hypothesis holds any merit.

I’m dosing at 250mg / day for 30 days now and have to say, I’m quite pleased with the results. I feel way more energetic, my lifts in the gym have increased and I’ve seen an improvement in my physique. Most importantly, my dick has finally regained its girth while flaccid - as a long-time sufferer of ‘hard-flaccid’ and narrow penis syndrome following Propecia therapy, it’s something I’m very happy about.

Of course, I cannot discard placebo, which is why I’m looking for any anecdotal experiences from other people in the community.


It didn’t really do anything for me honestly. Perhaps I didn’t try it enough.

So your gentials were actually thinner then got thicker? How long did that take? was it significant difference?

Yeah, my girth appears to have returned to pre PFS state

Did you have headaches in the first few days of running it? That’s supposedly the sign that it is working (Estradiol breaking into different metabolites).

No I didn’t. I’ll give it another shot

Hey dude.

Did DIM do anything for you? I’m going to start another 3 months of it (have since experimented with tribulus since my original post and it made me way worse).

I drink broccoli and cabbage juice more than half a year but it doesn’t feel effective. Maybe I can try the I3C capsule.

I’d suggest straight up DIM compared to I3C. I3C has some potential negative health effects (can’t cite now, but read about it from a few papers a while back), whilst DIM’s mechanism is relatively understood and benign.

I agree with you. Unfortunately, however, South Korea’s customs authorities are not allowing DIM clearance.

Which brand/manufacturer of DIM are you using in particular?

It was a random brand I ordered from, lowish price range. Can’t find it listed anymore.

Still seeing improvements from it? Hope the trial is going well.