Anyone ever done a long NoFapp?

Has anyone had any improvements just by not fapping? Say for like a month or 2… maybe even longer?
Or any other symptoms/improvements/changes?

I think for most pflers nofap is reality. cause there is no libido lol. and no it wont do shit for me. there is no real treatment for pfs right now.

What I meant was that have the ‘‘softer’’ version of PFS, so they still have some kind of libido and erection and usually fap cuz it’s a habit. I wonder if those people have done a NoFapp, to not fap for a longer period of time and break the habbit of meaningless fapping.

“What I meant to say was that some people here”

I think someone cured themselves with a 6 month no fap.

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By day 6 or 7 nofap my sides get noticeably worse. I feel even more stunted emotionally and my dick gets even more soft and numb. Once I start synthetic steroids I am definitely not masturbating just to keep my androgen receptors up.

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I did 5 months and no improvements other than better stimulation.

I did 4 months and saw no change.

Hi mate has this person posted their recovery anywhere? I was thinking of trying

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This, would live to read recovery stories about no fap.

I have, I did a 90 day NoFap last summer and felt much better during that period. Almost like my old self. Libido was much higher, my voice became deeper and more masculine, I was dreaming every night and woke up with morning erection also my confidence came back. I have never felt that confident in my whole life. But as soon as I started to masturbate and have sex again my libido decreased, morning erections disappeared and the confidence was gone.


He did somewhere on the forum, I believe I read he no fapped for 6 months. I don’t remember the name or more details, but I’m very sure I read it here

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me too.

I just started nofap, for about the 6th time.
It is the most addicting thing I’ve ever experienced, and takes massive discipline.