Anyone else peeing blood?

I have been peeing blood from my penis. Has anyone else had this happen to them or am I the only person?

Side note: I have visited urologist and had cystoscopy and all was well.

Sometimes bloody stool

Never happened to me.

Please treat it seriously, it could be something worth taking care of.


That is something to get checked out.


Please check a good doctor asap… @iHealth u too brother. None here is medically educated regarding these severe symptoms.

I guess a colonoscopy and endoscopy would tell something about bloody stools.

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Non-doc here.

What does the blood look like? Is it bright? Is it dark? Is it mixed with stools or are just little drops after you are “done”?

Bright and mixed with stools.I think bowel problem. It decreases over time.

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No, not in 7 years

Go to a urologist . Don’t play around with this

Once it was mixed with seamen. And other times after I have finished peeing the blood will drip.

Simple kidney function blood test ?
Urologist to get a prostate exam ?

It’s bright red

Stop posting and see your doctor.


I had a Cystoscopy where they put a camera inside the penis to look for the source of blood and image

This guy is talking about peeing blood as a side effect of finasteride lmao. Meanwhile my vision is fucked and I cant exercise among others.

This drug really messed me up. seeing posts like this is tragic.

I am alone. I took a pill and within an hour fucked my body up no going back

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So no abnormal findings ?

Did they check anything else ? Blood work ?

Can a bleeding gastric ulcer cause blood in the urine ?

Are you having an upper endoscopy?

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I had a ct scan too which was also painful. A ct scan involves pumping the body with special fluid through the veins before being scanned by a x-ray machine. They think the blood could be from tiny kidney- rocks scratching the surface of the urethra. Nobody can tell me whether it’s because of tiny kidney rocks or Finasteride that I’m bleeding.

Probably ‘tiny kidney rocks’ from the sound of it. They’re called kidney stones. Drink lots of water and avoid salty consumption, you’ll eventually piss them all out.

My vision got bad too

Im sorry if I was belittling you. This drug just fucked me up so bad I cant believe it and I get angry.