Anyone else had their relationship fall apart because of your condition?

How’d you deal with the situation?

I’m having constant intrusive thoughts and dreams about it.


Although my relationship has not fallen apart or ended it has put an immense strain on it and I have intrusive thoughts nonetheless. Since I cannot properly enjoy the time I am with my girlfriend it leads me to feel incredibly depressed and sad about what I feel I am missing out on. Even though being with her gives me comfort I still feel I cannot connect with her like before and do not really feel love now which is incredibly painful.

I deal with the situation by having hope for the future. I read today about 4 young Korean girls who were killed in a road accident in Australia yesterday and how my life could just as easily have ended long ago. But at least I am still here and drawing breath and that this condition can ultimately be fixed. I am sure we will have a chance to start over again, even though right now life is extremely grim.


Many times. It was usually because of the coldness that comes from lacking love/lust, much more so than the lack of sex. Also, ended up staying in bad relationships with dishonest and unethical women, or with decent women in bad situations, because I didn’t play the field until finding partners I actually thought were fitting like normal healthy guys do.

Had a marriage fall apart a long time ago and she cited my obsession with something that didn’t exist in her mind as one of the primary reasons. So terribly sorry to her for that I finally recognized what lead to my health declining at an early age and was desperate to find a way out. I think if your SO doesn’t believe you, or only half-heartedly, there’s no point in continuing the farce.

@Gavia, I’ve watched a close friend with 2 daughters totally fall apart over a breakup to the point where he is living with his mother and being fucked-up 24/7 has been the focus of his life for almost 2 years. He doesn’t/didn’t have a post-drug condition, but had intrusive thoughts over this one girl, I suppose because it ended during the “honeymoon” phase of the relationship, during lockdown and he was a very social person, and it was a divorce rebound. His family and I are almost certain she was lying and cheating on him during that time…

I guess the only useful thing I have to say is find a better way to cope with the intrusive thoughts than drinking/drugs. Working more, work out if you can, take classes, hang out with friends or family, etc.


All my relationships fell apart.

Budding romance with a new woman I saw as a potential soulmate who gave me every chance in the world to get past my pre-PFS insecurities until PFS robbed my soul.

Fallback relationship with a long term off/on woman whose only demand was the simplest of social interaction that I could no longer provide.

Exes I kept in touch with out of love and shared memories, neither of which resonate now.

Friends based on shared interests that I no longer share.

Family with whom I was trying to reconnect by bringing something to the table beyond despair.

Coworkers who trusted me with confidences and counted on my humor and judgment.

Myself who I no longer recognize and can barely remember.

I deal with it like I do all of this…adderall and sleep meds.


Yes, but to my surprise it was not the physical symptoms, my libido has improved a great deal in the last year, to the point where I can have consistent sex again.

My biggest hurdle in the relationship was the blunted feelings & emotional disconnect I developed with my PFS. My girl could tell I just wasn’t feeling for her what she felt for me. I couldn’t seem to care anymore, or feel anything, positive or negative.

I tried my hardest to “act out” the emotions, but there was just not much left in the tank. She eventually left me because I could no longer “match her energy”.


At the moment I can’t even get one started let alone lose a relationship

I feel like I protective bubble has been placed around me. Like “Avoid this area. Proceed with caution”
Obviously it’s not that but it definitely feels like that.
Or maybe it is that

Don’t mean for all the loser talk

I’ve been in a very “Why Me” state for a couple months now

When ya just want to find someone that will love you feels absolutely impossible
I just don’t understand how this could’ve happened