Anyone develop extreme OCD?

Soo I’ve always had some anxiety, especially after the crash. But in the last 2 years, I randomly developed the weirdest OCD habits that I can’t break. Like before I leave the house, I need to check the stove to make sure all the burners are off, even when I haven’t touched the stove all day, but I even go as far as turning the knobs so they’re perfectly straight, to make sure I know they’re off. I won’t feel calm until I do this, and sometimes This whole ordeal will take me 3 or 4 minutes of turning and checking from a far and making sure they’re absolutely needle straight. Honestly I feel mental, but I can’t stop for some reason.

It’s not just the stove, but I also have to unplug any lamps or phone chargers, or anything else, and I’ll obsess over multiple things in my house like that. Sometimes it takes me 15 minutes to get of the house because I have to check off all these stupid little things before I leave. Keep in mind, I only developed this weird habit in the last 1-2 years. So this might not be related to pfs at all, just thought I’d put it out there and see if anyone else deals with the same thing.


I have the same problems. It was made worse when I stopped clonazepam after 3 years of use while I had pfs

Interesting, I was also coming off Ativan right around the time my symptoms started

me too…

I’ve got ocd too

I also have the problem where my brain feels like it’s hyperactive now. I check my phone every couple seconds even though I just did and it’s hard to calm my mind. I also have music constantly looping through my head which is annoying, like the same hook to a song over and over

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I relate to all of this as well. Any drug use/substance abuse in the past?

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Weed for the last 9 years but I wouldn’t say I abused it, haven’t smoked much since July though when I stopped clonazepam. And some cocaine a few years ago which led to panic attacks and is why I started the clonazepam

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I relate to everything you’ve just said and I have a history of substance use too.

Probably related.

I use to use cocaine as well before pfs. A few other people I know who use to use it ended up with long term anxiety issues also. Cocaine affects the frontal cortex of the brain, and I’ve read some articles that say people with OCD have similar issues with their brain. Are you indecisive also? I always wondered if my drug use before pfs presisposed me to some of the issues I have

On another note, who has developed heart attack like symptoms that coincide with their anxiety/panic episodes? I’ve had bad chest/shoulder left arm squeezing that accompanies sweating and heavy breathing that match a heart attack episode to a tee, but every doctor I’ve been too says my heart is healthy. No one I know with anxiety has these physical problems with their anxiety. Doctors think I’m crazy. If I smoke a cigarette now, I get all these symptoms. The last time I did cocaine (4-5 years ago) I thought I was dying. This was from one line

I used very small amounts too, as I was in college and broke but even a small key bump would send me spiraling into a panic attack. I’m also very indecisive too even down to settings on my tv or a choice in a video game sometimes takes me an hour to decide on

From what I gather problems with the gaba receptor are probably likely. I’m starting keto diet today to see if any of these symptoms will get better. I’ll keep y’all updated

Interesting you say that, Because I’ve found that sometimes when I’m drunk, all my symptoms disappear completely. From what I’ve been reading, alcohol indirectly increases gaba activity in the brain. low GABA activity in the brain can cause all these issues. It said GABA influences the activity of dopamine neurons. Cocaine has a depressing affect on dopamine receptors. So low gaba would probably mean low dopamine activity. This still doesn’t really explain sexual issues though, because I know junkies who have sex all the time

This song loopin never stops for me.

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Fuck me too
Damn it

Me as well

Me too

I have songs looping in my head so intrusively that at times its hard to think through the noise. This has been consistant since my crash and is at it’s worst when I am trying to sleep or upon waking. It can be songs that I have heard recently or just the most random song that I haven’t heard in years. Complete insanity.

I am assuming this is related to GABA somehow.