Anyone actually try JQD's protocol?


I’m curious whether or not anyone actually ever tried any aspect of JQD’s protocol, as he was so avid that several people in fact were. I know he was a polarizing member and seemed crazy at points, but I still would like to know whether anyone have his ideas a shot, and if so what their results were


I tried testosterone suspension for a few weeks with no results. I am now trying testosterone propionate + masteron propionate, but am only 7 days in. From the few masteron recoveries I found across the internet, it seems to be a consensus that it takes 3-4 weeks for masteron to kick in.


Alright keep us updated


Mattt, Just go to the Baylor study. Pretty much none of the crazy protocols here work at all. If we can close out this Study maybe we will have some real answers finally.


First of all, I can’t participate in studies because I took saw palmetto. Second of all, holy shit Jesus Christ stop jumping on every go damn thread to shoot everyone else down. I’m not doing anything rash at all, I’m just trying to take active steps to feel better. You really have to stop spending so much time on this website


Maybe list saw on your profile then.


I did for about two months. Started with heavy AI use. Then added in Testosterone Propionate. Felt nothing. Switched to Testosterone Suspension. Nothing. In fact, I believe this may have worsened my situation. I had a mild case of Peyronie’s since crashing back in '12 and it dramatically worsened at the end of December, just after I had used Propionate and Suspension. I don’t know if they triggered anything or if it was something else causing this. What I can tell you is I didn’t get any better and may have gotten worse going down this road.

And fwiw, since early this month, I’ve been following Dr. Goldstein’s protocol of low-dose T and low-dose Andractim. Again, nothing


It cant be repeated often enough. If the study would be completed already Matt, you would have a point. However, it is severely behind schedule. So you should be repeating the same stuff, instead of discouraging it.


bumping this thread
no one tried like jqd did
100mg test weekly

i have to do this and try it than… :confused:
i will be ordering and trying in the next few months so i see how it goes

aftera all the positive stuff i read about hydrocortisone idk why everyone is not on it here…


Try it, corticoids made a lot for me…


@Tomas what corticosteroids u used
what benefits u experienced
can u give me some details?
any improvement in sexual regards?


Please remind it tomorrow i will explain


ok i will PM u tomorrow tnx



If it’s possible, please share your experience in the thread so the knowledge can be shared by all.


the protocol is simple and easy idk why no one tried it except moonman and mcibofh here on this platform
looks like most are just staying still and not doing anything
i will be doing this protocol if my experiments fail in a month or two so i will report back

very disapointed from people here doing nothing sry… :confused:


Which protocol? He had like 12 that 100% cured him


Anyone know where to buy NDT(Armour/Nature-Tyroid)
i need this to go on JQD protocol
if anyone can find any website that sells these drugs plz share