Anybody tried antidepressants after having PFS-PAS?

Hello everyone, i have PAS over 1 year. I think to try antidepressants due to my bad mental state. But some people say finasteride and accutane may have harmed reward mechanism in our body. So trying antidepressants is good or bad? Has anybody tried antidepressants after having PFS-PAS and got good results?

Finasteride, Accutane and SSRI Anti Depressants are the 3 main drugs that bring people here.

Further exposure to these drugs can bring a worsening of condition. I would advise against using any drug that brings people here.

When it comes to non-Ssri anti depressants, you could search here to see what experiences people have had.


sertraline can work for bad mental state

Any other antidepressants which help you without significant side effects?