Anybody have any advice for tinnitus?

My Tinnitus has been getting worse recently. Has anybody had any success treating it??

What is making it worse? Sugar? Caffeine? Stimulant?

The only thing different, was that I tried to sleep on 0.5 larazepam instead of 1mg and I woke in the middle of the night with my ears ringing louder than they had been and it has persisted since then. The Tinnitus was minimal when I crashed in late Jan but now it’s driving me crazy. I also cant kick the benzo for sleep unfortunately. I’m in bad shape

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oh benzos and other psych drugs can and do cause these symptoms, but sometimes they are prescribed FOR tinnitus! Like any drug you want to come off of, do it slowly. Your body is used to X, so giving it half of X could be too much. Talk to the doctor who prescribed it!!!

I find drugs and even food can raise tinnitus levels. Stress is also a factor which is very difficult to turn off when the driver is biological. Even exercise and driving pushes mine up. Noise is also a volume raiser. For some of us tinnitus becomes increasingly sensitive with time. Looking back, years ago when things weren’t as bad paroxetene made in virtually unoticeable. Only at night in bed. Basically calm brain low tinnitus

One of the things that people say about tinnitus is that it’s stressful in itself, which could create a feedback loop, you get stressed and so your tinnitus flares up, so you get stressed, etc.

With that in mind, anything you can do to mask it might help. A little bit of background noise might help with that at night or in a quiet room. So some music, a podcast or a fan or maybe an app that plays white noise or rain or wave sounds might be beneficial in stopping you from thinking about your tinnitus.


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Another symptom I’ve strongly suffered with unfortunately

I also think the same. Find a way to not to focus on tinnitus then it gradually fade out with reduced anxiety.