Anybody else with lipodystrophy in arms,legs and face?


This worry me a lot. I already was skinny but its keep getting worse since last few weeks. You can see my veins very good. I look very sick. Anybody else get this?

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Can you photograph some of the veins (if you can do so without revealing your identity)?


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Thanks, are they like that all the time? I assume they never looked like that before?


Yes all the time

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Thats what I looked like before finasteride…Veins everywhere and a 4 pack, very lean…


Dtch, bro I must say it is nice to know someone who shares a similar problem as I do. I am trying to see what I can do to help through diet and herbs with this condition: “lipoatrophy”(?) There exists a drug hormonal treatment supposedly, but it is one of the most expensive medications at the moment (leaving aside my fear of any further medication)