Anybody else with lipodystrophy in arms,legs and face?

This worry me a lot. I already was skinny but its keep getting worse since last few weeks. You can see my veins very good. I look very sick. Anybody else get this?


Can you photograph some of the veins (if you can do so without revealing your identity)?

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Thanks, are they like that all the time? I assume they never looked like that before?

Yes all the time

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Thats what I looked like before finasteride…Veins everywhere and a 4 pack, very lean…

Dtch, bro I must say it is nice to know someone who shares a similar problem as I do. I am trying to see what I can do to help through diet and herbs with this condition: “lipoatrophy”(?) There exists a drug hormonal treatment supposedly, but it is one of the most expensive medications at the moment (leaving aside my fear of any further medication)

An important study regarding isotretinoin and lipodystrophy/myopathy:

Yes, I have it in my legs/calves. this is very concerning. do you have any updates?

I have this. and fasciculations.