Anybody actually try HGH (Growth Hormone)

Hi Fellas

I just wanted to see if any guys did an honest to God Growth Hormone cycle and if it produced and positive results. Maybe not in curing PFS but at least physical damage it may have left

I’m 100% considering it myself as I’m truly sick and tired of living like this but it IS expensive no doubt

I just don’t want to go in blindly before the investment so I’m asking any of you to chip in with any information you might have

I’m trying to avoid the idea that it’s this magic elixir that will cure me but I believe my overall psyche has been beaten down to the point of trying to swing for the fences on almost anything I think will work

Thanks Fellas


I get where your coming from in terms of sick of living like this I really do. Over a decade ago I took a combination of supps to boost my HGH I looked great, young and was super fit. I tried to recreate it again in much deeper Pfs and it had no effect. My bloods “12 months ago” showed high HGH which I believe is due to the fasting. I feel nothing in terms what you should with high HGH. So if your receptors are shot as mine are I doubt you will see any gains. Sorry not what you want to hear.

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I see what you’re saying
The thing is I do not know to what extent my receptors are “shot”

When I did my Test cycle I did get bigger BUT for the amount I took I should’ve been an absolute animal
I had real shit and I took a lot. I definitely gained lean muscle and my libido was a bit higher
Still not what it should’ve been for the amount I was on which was worrisome

The purpose of me taking HGH was really for an structural damage this poison did to my dick basically and also any repairs that are needed through my body

But I’m not even sure what the cost of real gear is anymore
At least as it pertains to HGH

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I’ve said this elsewhere. I’ve been on low dose (1-2IU M/W/F) pharma grade HGH. It elevated IGF-1, reduced SHBG and increased FT. This translated to improved wellbeing, better sleep, higher libido and leaner body. However, higher doses (>2IU) gave me some issues: higher TSH and lowish cortisol (added corticosteroid later).

If your adrenals and thyroid are in good shape, not diabetic and free of cancer risk, then genuine HGH may be a good treatment.

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Thanks bud
I’d certainly need bloods for diabetes and cancer risk
If I might ask, what does it set you back per month?

I got it from underground market. It’s dirt cheap where I live costing about 100 USD for 12mg Pfizer GENOTROPIN. A vial would last 2 months at that dose. Every other day administration is superior to everyday, btw.

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That is cheap wow
I thought it costed something like 2K a month or so

It’s probably much more expensive in local pharmacies but nothing beats black market. Now that you mentioned it, I’m actually re-thinking about going back on low dose HGH for anti-aging and recovery purposes. I’m officially 40 and little rejuvenation could go a long way.

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Where? Drop me a line

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Hey can you link it?

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