Any tips to improve cognitive abilities/focus

Hey guys,
I’m quiet early to this, with having pfs for around 2 months. I had fluctuations daily during the first month, which gave me hope, but now I’ve stabilized to a low baseline. My ability to focus and think have been tanked. Maybe due to the anxiety induced. I don’t know whether this is considered brain fog. Anhedonia also has been mild.
This is along with mild physical and sexual symptoms.

However, I have to begin university in a month, and I don’t feel like I’ve made any progress mentally to be able to handle uni. Was wondering whether there are any medications that can help with atleast focus.

I’ve heard people use adderall, bupropion, Mirtazapine or Agomelatonin to help improve anxiety and focus. Is it too risky to try these? And have people actually benefited from them?

Also are there any diets that may have helped. I’ve noticed every time I have a heavy meal, I’m in a better mood for around 2 hours after.

I have previously used SSRI and SNRI which did help me quiet alot (around 2 years ago). But I learnt that I have to avoid them after getting pfs

I have a high intolerance to any work out regiment. Even jogging seems to cause me to go through a crash.

It’s a good thing everything has been mild up until now. Especially since you’re still early and might be able to make a natural recovery in the coming year.

I’d recommend just eating healthy, working out (cardio + resistance) and see where it leads you. Many people have become worse from trying certain supplements.

A user named M_81 noticed significant improvement on pregnenolone in the brain fog and energy department. See the link below.

If you end up deciding to try it out, do serious research on whether there have been people with bad experiences with pregnenolone. I can’t think of any right away.

Thanks for the tips man. But I’ll be avoiding hormonal intervention for some time. Currently planning to try ALCAR as it seems to help cognition temporarily.

Also mild is an understatement. I’m almost bed bound. Some days I find it extremely difficult to even do my laundry (I spent the whole on just doing that one day).

Tried pregnenolone some years ago. It had some anti-anxiety / relaxation effects. Didn’t personally notice anything else. Recently found an old bottle in my medicines stash. Tried some out, same dose as past. Didn’t notice any benefits. Got a strange skin reaction, unusual acne breakout. When I googled, acne was mentioned as a side-effect.

It was ok, in the past. Maybe the date of use has expired. Cannot find this information on the bottle. The effects were not great enough years ago to prompt buying a new bottle.

Why did you stop using it initially?

Sorry, I have since added a small edit. The effects weren’t notable enough that I would buy more. I used a premium brand, NutriCology Pregnenolone 100 Micronized Lipid Matrix.

Some things that have helped me with focusing abilities:

  • Low carbohydrate diet. Have also used keto diet at times. The state of ketosis is very nice for thinking speed. However it is impractical for day to day use.
  • Intermittment fasting. Gives clarity of thoughts, easier to focus. This is easy to do by avoiding breakfast. First meal of the day around noon (12:00).
  • Vitamin B12 methylcobalamin, transdermal. This is useful for energy. Once your levels are good, the boost plateaus. Others here have written about negative effects from methylcobalamin B12. Personally I only ever had good effects.

Not directly related to focus, but I have found general improvements to wellbeing through magnesium. I have been using it for about ten years, daily. I cannot go without it. Magnesium citrate is the only variety that works for me. 440mg in morning, 220mg at lunch, 440mg before bed.

I have read - outside this forum - others recommend magnesium bisglycinate for focus. Tried it and didn’t notice any benefits.

Thanks mann. Anything helped you with anxiety? And other mental symptoms

Kolonopin. But use sparingly