Any tips for digestion and/or prostatitis issues

Hi guys,

I am reaching out to you who have digestion isses and/or prostate issues (prostatitis).

These are the two major issues that I am struggling with these days (after 11 years of suffering).

Do you guys have any tips on helping digestion? I’ve tried probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes and stuff. Nothing seems to work.

I know everything is related to the hormones. But still have to ask :slight_smile:

By the way, I’ve created a Facebook group for danish people suffering from PFS. Feel free to join if you are from Denmark:

I wish you guys all the best! Have a great summer.

Kind regards
Morten (Denmark)

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I’m interested in tips for digestion too, especially malabsorption. Have tried the same array of stuff.

What keeps my constipation in check is a daily dose of magnesium citrate (a product called ‘natural calm’) and l-glutamine. Works well, with no side effects.