Any supplements that are risk-free?

Are there any supplements people have taken and they haven’t suffered crashes or worsening of symptoms?

I recently took VitD3 with K1 + K2 (Mk4 & Mk7) and now my joints are popping all over and i have increased stiffness.

So far, the only supplement I’ve taken that has seemed to benefit with me without making any negative symptoms is Magnesium.

What are some supplements that don’t directly mess with the hormonal/AR pathways?

It depends where you are with this disease I could take / tolerate most things prior to 2 years ago where as now everything effects me. If you don’t have any food intolerances you may be generally ok. Lots of supps effect dht and other hormones. I’ve found were all different so there’s no fast or steady rule. If you go down that route start with very small amounts. Turmeric, zinc were great for me once upon a time. However I’m in no way endorsing their use.

Shit, what was the dose of the vitamins you took?

I took Jarrow’s supplement for about 4 days.

VitD3 50 mcg (2000 UI) 250% DV
VitK1 500 mcg 420% DV
VitK2 MK4 1500 mcg 1250% DV
VitK2 MK7 180 mcg 150% DV

In hindsight, I should have probably paid more attention to the daily values.

Supplementing such high DV in a row probably wasn’t a smart idea. I dont understand how it’s recommended to take this once a day.

The vitamin k is causing your joints to pop/crack the member @tisho took it and got very bad joint problems

Is there any way to reverse/stop this? I haven’t touched that stuff in a week but the popping seems to remain the same.

How could VitK2 cause such a problem. There’s zero medical record of it besides the horrible cases on here.

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Not sure the mechanism of it, you’ll just have to wait it out don’t mess with any other supplements or anything for the time being.

Aren’t amino acids basically risk free?

Did the joint problems get better for tisho?

Probably due to binding to estrogen receptors.

You may have to wait a few months for estrogen to rebound.

Also, my joint clicking started when I took barley grass powder (High in vitamin K) and went down a lot after about 2 months. I still get clicking, but it’s less. The clicking was extremely bad a month ago. Whenever I lifted my arms above my head to comb my hair, my shoulders would click.
Now I can comb without clicking noises. Hopefully the other clicking noises go away.

I believe that finasteride changed many hormone receptor densities throughout our body, which makes us either hypersensitive or undersensitive to various kinds of hormonal changes. For us 2, I believe our estrogen receptors got downregulated probably as a balancing act after finasteride initially increased our estrogen levels.
I am unsure if our bodies can restore our original receptor densities.