Any other Dr. Goldstein patients out there?

I started treatment a couple of months ago (Clomid, then Testim added @ 6wks). Curious as to your experience and progress. Thanks.

Hey Xhorndog. I’ve got a phone conference with Goldstein next week. This is my first time on this forum although I’ve been suffering quietly (and not so quietly) from this since 2004. What are your experiences with Goldstein?

Hey long follow up but wanted to check in @Xhorndog @Lopez. I am a new patient of Goldstein and he prescribed something similar. Is it a good idea he seems confident but also brushed off hard questions. Terrified of somehow making it worse.

Goldstein has not recovered any patients. He is willing to work through hormonal protocols with you though. I know ex patients of his who say they are not happy they spent so much money on him.

waste of money

Did you see him?


@moonman1 I talked on the phone with a couple people today that Goldstein was really able to help. I don’t think they ever make it to this forum really if they get better. Trying to calculate the risk/reward here of taking the treatments but don’t have a ton of info that I need.

Depends what your symptoms are - for me it was mainly sexual - in which he cant help - just told me to take viagra everyday and suggested shockwave - which he himself admittted had very little success rate for numb genitals. You can read plenty about peoples experiences on pssd forum - nothing suggests that its worth going. He is a very nice man - but just like the rest of us he doesnt have the answers - only treatments that are ineffective that costs $$$$$

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