Any of you still have acne?

Still have acne on my back in my late twenties, despite PFS.

Anyone else still have acne?

No acne, No hairloss, since PFS.

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I have acne on my face and back but it is not severe (especially on my face). I am almost 30.

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I see, I’m not the only one then. Thanks bro. Also what are your main symptoms of PFS?

Yes, I still have a few acne on my face and back from time to time, also now I’ve developed some more acne on my chest (which usually didn’t happen to me before). It’s kinda ironical that I sometimes after another breakout my acne reaches the same condition that made me try higher dose of accutane (my grave mistake).

Main symptoms: ED & sleep

I have a lot of other symptoms like fat loss, prostate pain, anxiety, mild brainfog etc. but I can live with that. You can look at my member story if you want to know more about my sides.

Finasteride made my skin dry like a desert - haven’t had acne since.


No acne, do have hairloss

Somehow I combine dry skin and acne now. I mean it’s definitely more dry than it used to be and has all the corresponding problems, and acne above all that.