Any of the recovered members able to go back to the way life was before post drug syndrome?

Just curious, it’d suck if I would never be able to eat chocolate or garlic for the rest of my life…

Keep eating chocolate and garlic.

Why are you abstinating from chocolate and garlic in the first place?

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Garlic and chocolate have a negative effect on many guys that’s why.

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As the crashed-by-cacao guy for a year and counting, you can still eat chocolate. Yes, cocoa contains a lot of plant phytochemicals that are 5ar if it’s some artisan bougie brand, but a little snack of chocolate (not too dark) here and there probably won’t cause permanent worsening. Just eat less of it, and see how you tolerate it. I’ve eaten milk chocolate, like a few pieces of ferrero rocher a day and it hasn’t affected me. I still avoid dark chocolate though. I don’t think garlic in the amounts contained in a regular diet would crash people unless they go out of their way to eat bulbs of it.

I’m not denying anyone’s experience but I eat chocolate and garlic regularly.

I’d be tempted to try a little and see how you get on if you miss it.

As always, don’t go overboard with anything.

Sometimes people who have problems are those who act based on recommendations that a particular food or supplement helped someone and they consume exaggerated quantities.

I don’t care except for high-capacity supplements. The stress of not enjoying what us want to enjoy will make us even worse.

How about fuck and NO…

Garlic gives me morning woods sometimes. I follow this guy’s advice and it’s true :slight_smile:

I took garlic daily most of my adult life once I discovered I had PFS then at a later date developed food sensitivities I stopped taking it. I then reintroduced daily benefiting from a temporary uplift which was followed by an implosion. I stayed away from it for a few months. I can now have it occasionally mostly without issue which can’t be said about all other things backing up what Greek states

chocolate because I heard from @mercked that he got fucked up from it so I haven’t touched it since.
something in my diet acouple weeks back was making me depressed, headfogged, anhedonic and libidoless and I found it was both the home grown organic garlic I was eating and the brazil nuts I was eating. whenever I eat these foods my tinnitus gets severe (music won’t drown it out) but it goes away. I’m thinking butter might also be having a negative effect but I’m not sure. Coconut oil and essential oils to date has had the largest negative impact.

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I’ve had a major kick off all of these too heymimlook

yeah I wonder how related recovery time is to consumption of anti androgenic foods

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Garlic is a high FODMAP containing potent prebiotics such as inulin and fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which promote the growth of gut flora. It may be problematic for those with preexisting dysbiosis (myslef included). This further supports the notion that gut has something in PFS. Finesteride must have altered the delicate balance of our gut flora. So that’s that.

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I mentioned it in another thread but, I believe the gut is absolutely a factor in PFS. probably because nerves/WBCs require proper androgen functioning to work properly and if they don’t then gut dysbiosis is almost certain. Garlic (especially home grown organic) is also very high in polyphenols(5ari’s) according to one of the admins


Me too

I was eating spoonfuls of pure cacao beans which caused my crash, not chocolate (varying levels of cocoa powder + cocoa butter). It’s an important distinction.

Do you have any other food sensitivities?

@Mercked have you tried >70% cacao dark chocolate since?

The brand matters a lot in how much flavonoids it contains. I might’ve eaten a square of 70%+ here and there, which I don’t think was enough to cause more persistent worsening. The trauma of being made worse for over a year just makes me want to play it safe and avoid dark chocolate overall until I feel fully recovered. Maybe I am missing out on the health benefits of whatever levels of chocolate I can still tolerate but oh well. There are people here like Greek who have never crashed on a food supplement and can eat chocolate on the reg without problems.

Maybe “titrate” the amount up you eat every day and see how it goes. The dosage makes the poison and I reached a certain threshold to have experienced enough 5ar inhibition to result in persistent adverse effects.