Any luck with pct - hcg, proviron, clomid and armidex?

I am wondering if anyone got better and recovered with hcg, proviron, clomid and armidex?
And if you have tried them did you get better at least?

I used hcg, made my estrogen go through the roof.
Tried arimidex and gave me bone pain (there’s others here who got PFS symptoms after using arimidex and other AI)
Also still on TRT but tapering to lower dose and going to come off since it does nothing.


I’ve seen people crashing from anastrozole/letrozole. Some people are hypersensitive to AI and just erase their estrogen to non existent. I want to try arimidex as well, but I would microdose it. And one of the quite unpleasant sides is very paiful joints,back etc…

Not sure if there was truly successful recoveries with AI ?


I took one shot of trt high dose a year ago and everything went normal to me i felt like was recovered and i took the other shot after 3 months and it did nothing and i crashed again and it stopped working for me.

I want something to give me my libido back

I’ve been taking 25mg of Proviron every 12 hours for about a month now, along with clean eating, running, and light exercise. I started waking up consistently with some morning wood, but just recently, things have slowed down, perhaps due to a couple of beers or sugars I’ve had, and seem to be extremely sensitive to. I’m back to clean eating eating and will hope I haven’t built a tolerance to it.

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You need to do 1 shot every week or so, plz consult your doctor.

I stopped Proviron about 2 months after starting it. I tapered off, and things seemed worse. Realizing only now that the withdrawal returned me to what felt like below baseline, and I felt really, really bad, with panic attacks. This lead me to Ketamine infusions, which seemed to really help, especially as I started getting them. That may have been extreme, but it got me out of a really bad place, and for a couple of months, better than PFS baseline.

How are things now @NewYorker?