any joy with a UK doctor

Hi, i have a list of docs from the Uk, if any1 has come across a usefull doctor in London which has been affective in treatment plz reply.

Review this section. Professor Bouloux comes to mind.



From my experience, most of NHS GP’s are completely useless. If it’s something uncommon or neurological, they have no interest to help you. I don’t know where is the root of the problem with them, but it’s more likely I will solve the problem myself through research and self medication. Seems like they don’t raise their qualification and they have no flexible approach. You won’t get any treatment, if its something doesn’t fit into their conservative understanding of any disease. Another problem is they try to save every penny, by prescribing you cheapest drugs. I would use stronger language towards GP’s in UK, but don’t want to break forum rules.

It seems unfair to level that complaint at NHS GPs. If you self fund your drugs through a private doctor, which treatment would you expect to be given when we have no proven treatments? You can always go to Harley Street and pay thousands for a treatment which others here have had no results with, after all.

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There’s a Pro Fred Wu in Manchester. He does private clinics. He is aware of Fin and it’s potential side effects. I don’t know if he can offer treatments but might provide some written support to a GP. However I don’t think he in favour of providing T therapy for Low T.