Any hope for me?

Started 5 weeks ago, took 4 pills 1 mg , 4 days

My ED has progressively gotten worse, and tinnitus developed recently. Seems like I’m deteriorating over time.

Anyone who has improved over time, went through a storm of bad ?

I don’t know, trying to find something to cling on to

Exact situation as you, but im 3 months in. Things are still pretty shit, but a few things have gotten better. For me month 2 was the worst, I had tinnitus, eye floaters, bad ED and somewhat insomnia. Those things have improved for me. However my mental state is still as bad as before, and I am still suicidal, but not as much as month 2.

My sexual sides were hit HARD, do you just have ED issues

Because these pills basically changed my sexuality to asexual

I hope you continue to make improvements and could go back to your life as before.

From our last thread, when we were both talking about suicide, let’s stay strong. We have to keep pushing as hard as it is. Who knows what the next couple of years could have in store for us. Could be better or worse, but we won’t know unless we see that day

for me its the mental sides that are the most debilitating. brain fog, cognitive disfunction, etc. I would trade going asexual with this, cause atleast can enjoy some parts of life.
However, yeah I’m not in my worst state, even though still in hell.

Yeah we could naturally improve/recover as well

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Really hope you make a full recovery man,

I feel like sexual sides are the hardest to resolve and most likely to stay persistent. I’ve only been fapping like once every 4 days.

I’m sure your mental sides with subside over time, from what I see people usually improve from those the most.

Alot of people have seen there sexual side improve over time as well, so don’t lose hope.
Hopefully my mental sides resolve eventually. Its hard to do almost anything.

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I hope so too brother :heart::pray:

The tinnitus is just as bad. I forgot what silence feels like

I took 1/2 MG on alternate days for 3 days then stopped. Again took 1 MG daily for 4 days and stopped for ever. But it’s been 9 years now and the condition remains the same. No erection. Substantially reduced ejection volume. Weak bones, weak muscles, brain fog, etc…but yes now I have accepted things and learned to live with it

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Dam I’m afraid now, I’m very sorry for your experience

In these nine years, have you tried to do anything to improve? 9 years is a long time. TRT, HCG, PROVIRON, any hormones? I’m really impressed by people watching their bodies deteriorate and not trying anything… it’s been 2 years since I’ve almost been atrophying… my whole body… I crashed with minoxidil… since then, I’ve tried TRT, PROVIRON and they didn’t do anything for the muscles… and my body continues to atrophy… I’ll try HCG to see if anything changes… although I believe it won’t change anything, but I’ll still try. I can’t watch my body disintegrate and do nothing. I only give up when there is no more substance on this Earth to try.


I really appreciate your spirit and who knows something might work for you.
As far as I am concerned I didn’t try much for some reasons:

  1. Highly scared of trying any medicine (perticularly any medicine that plays with hormones) as because I became a victim of a medicine. May be if I had tried HRT immediately then probably things would have been different (who knows) or maybe it could have worsened the situation. I believe once you start taking any hormone from outside then your body stops producing it internally.

  2. There is not much scientific study and evidence of cure for PFS.

However I did try fitness regime which worked a little and that too only as long as I continued.

I also tried minor ayurvedic treatment that too worked a little and again only as long as I took the medicine.

I also read a thread on this forum where someone shared that Masterbating 3-4 times a day helped him improve. I tried it and honestly that too worked for me.

Let me also clarify what I mean when I say “it worked a little”. I mean that sometimes I could get erection, sometimes feel the mood/desire to have sex, I could also feel energy, but the ejaculation volume never improved,

It seems to me that the damage is permanent and there is no cure for the situation but yes there can be treatment/management to live with the situation.

One advice if you don’t mind. Before you go for HRT/HCG/TRT do an Ayurvedic ritual called ‘VIRECHANA’ and then go for HRT/HCG/TRT. Share your experience if it helps.


To be fair, its probably because many of us have found out the hard way that many of these self-administered treatments and regimens, especially any that work through, or have an impact on, hormones, in particular have the potential to make us crash and make us much worse. Even when they lead to a stark, temporary improvement or remission. And paradoxically, especially when they seem seem to directly counter whatever leads to PFS side effects at first.

But apparently some have had success, with say, HCG which seems to be one of the safer ones. I’ve considered looking into trying it but haven’t. It might also be worth looking into gut or microbiome health, I believe a couple people with PFS/PSSD have had some success with fecal transplants to restore their gut flora, though some had only temporary improvement.

Are you taking any supplements or vitamins by any chance? It seems that a lots of vitamins can affect 5-AR and cause additional crashes once one acquires PFS. There are bad crashes precipipated by zinc, vitamin E, vitamin D, and lots of herbs and herbal supplements. If so, it might be worth it to consider cutting them all out and making sure you’re not unintentionally taking any (by say, fortified foods, or maybe even things skincare products for instance).

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I have tried several supplements. Of all the things I’ve tried, protocols for autoimmune problems of eating as healthy as possible and light physical activity, because I can no longer do heavy physical activity, which I’ve always done, seem to be the best thing to reduce spikes in inflammation and triggers for autoimmune symptoms.