Any hope for me ? 4 months off

I’m young man 26 yo , i took finasteride for one week eod (3mg in total) and has been 4 months since i quit but my sides didn’t improve even get worse my penis looks much smaller , my libido zero , i can’t sleep more than 3 hours ,probably i will kill myself in future ,I’m very tiered , i’m living in hill ,4 months without improving and even get worse, please i like to know if someone got better after 4 months here ? And if i can get better ? How could that be possible 3mg fina do that ?

Same age, same timeline, same symptoms. You are not alone buddy. Stay strong!


Same here, you are not alone, just that my symptoms include digestive problems and I’m 7 weeks off saw palmetto now.
Hope our body will heal in the next months.

The thing I really hate is saw plametto is well known natural herb and recommended by several doctor for prostate inflammation and even that can cause pfs.

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Hope that get better for us , i can’t live the rest of my life with that, i like to ask you had you recovery’s windows ?

Keep going man , hope we get better . Stay strong

Yes I did. Even there were days when i feel like much improved. But for the past week I have been feeling a weird sensation inside my glan, i guess it due to masturbation. So I am not recovering at this point

Same , 2 weeks ago i was 70% of my old self but now my situation back to pfs state even worse , i d’ont know why

Sure it’s important to stay strong and time should be our friend and not enemy.
I also think that for us it’s to early to make fast decisions and if time should not heal us we are still able to try other things to improve our situation like a healthy lifestyle, supplements and treatments.

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Yes buddy. Its a bad illness and we will definitely get better. There are people who did jelging and have a broken penis, condition similar to us.

Just don’t masturbate like I did, I have been doing masturbation twice a day for the past 4 days and it made my condition even worst. Now I have weird sensation inside my glan. Leave it like that for 6 months to an year, and focus on making money. We may need it in the worst case scenario.

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The irony is I knew about PFS and used SP specifically as a natural alternative to avoid getting it. Minoxidil made my situation even worse and was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

People need to be more aware of SP and minox sides.

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I also knew about some side effects finasteride and saw palmetto can cause, but read and thought that saw palmetto is safer and side effects are not that often but I was wrong.
Still praying that the sides will disappear with Time or if not then improve significantly to make the life more normal again.

Hold on man, we are in this together. I took a single pill 7 weeks ago and I’m still trying to shake the sexual sides.

The fact that you recently felt 70% recovered is a good sign, and should give you hope not to give up. Maybe someone else can confirm, but I think I read that recovery can be a zigzag for many. Keep your head up :muscle:

How are you guys doing. I’m currently 4 months off