Any good doctor in Spain / Portugal to tackle PFS (mainly sexual sides)?

Any good doctor in Spain?

I´m sick of being treated like stupid and as far as i can remember there was a guy who claimed that was cured of PFS in proturgal or somewhere close.


This is an old thread but I just found this doctor in Spain who seems to recognize PFS so I thought I would post about it. Here is what he has written about PFS on his website:

Among other things I see he says that PFS affects GABA receptors in the brain, this causing long-lasting anxiety. I imagine this comes from some old study, but I haven’t seen such study.

el uso de la finasterida puede afectar el nivel de los receptores GABA-A en el cerebro.
Dado que estos fármacos actúan sobre el sistema GABA que tiene un efecto sedante, pueden desncadenar un cuadro de ansiedad persistente.