Anxiety causing Globus

Anyone experienced Globus from extreme anxiety? That’s the problem with the throat. It feels like something is stuck in there.

This is one of the worst sides I have, but I don’t see it discussed here very often. Perhaps it’s not as common as some of the other problems people have?

Are you sure it’s due to anxiety?

How constant is it?

Mine is pretty constant. I have had plenty of xrays and throat exams. I might go even to the point of getting a endoscopy done just to see. I never had any healthy problems until after this “hair-saving” pill. I know have the deepest darkest looking circles under my eyes. My anxiety sucks and this globus makes me think something is wrong with my throat at all times. I used to be able to smoke to relax at night. Now I have the worst anxiety and am scared to even do that. :confused: cool

Mine has been more or less constant for a year. Starts about half an hour after I wake up and lasts until I go to bed. The feeling resembles somebody jabbing three fingers into my throat really hard.

I was given the globus diagnosis and told that it was normally caused by stress and would go away after a while. Apart from that there wasn’t much do to.

Has anyone else been tested or treated for “globus sensation” or “lump in the throat”?