Antidepressants double risk of suicide

A 2016 metastudy which reviewed 5787 publications and 130 trials came to the following conclusion:

Treatment of adult healthy volunteers with antidepressants doubled their risk of harms related to suicidality and violence

So these studies were done on “healthy volunteers with no signs of a mental disorder”. Perfectly happy and stable individuals. You then give them antidepressants and half of them end up at risk of killing themselves.

Combine this with the conclusion of a very prominent study published in the prestigious Lancet last year:

It is unclear whether antidepressants are more efficacious than placebo.

I find this incredible, which leads me to my thought of the day: I sometimes wonder if mankind wouldn’t be better off if the whole pharma industry were just banned from this planet.


pharma industry is legacy and has its problems

biopharma and biotech will replace it

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They are as bad as the Nazis in terms of inflicting suffering. I was not around for the war but feel this disease is equal to what some were put through during those times. Yet no one is being hunted down and brought to book for this. Rant over


It is because they eliminate fear response and causes emotional bluntness…

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I too feel this is the salient reason.

Until the same pieces of shit buy out all the biopharma and biotech companies and turn those fields into big, dishonest, marketing schemes.

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Possible but I doubt it

There’s more upside in being authentic and genuine nowadays with new technologies

Ajam, but some doc still live in wonderland where ADs help people.


Except they do help many people.

Still controversy over whether the commonly prescribed anti-depressants truly act as anti-depressants or if one is led to believe changes in their mood, personality, and/or thought patterns while taking the drugs are an anti-depressant effect or whether ADs are more effective than placebo.

And I have met people taking them who vehemently defend them as life-saving. One had noticeable sexual side effects and defended her SSRI as a necessary evil.

I won’t discount either scenario, but it’s something to consider. I was around when SSRIs, used primarily for anxiety in the 90s, were remarketed as happy pills.