antibodies causing pfs

im new to the forum and was suprised to see how much science is being said here and i dont yet understand most of the stuff being discussed but i read people talking about antibodies causing pfs, i personally have tried high dose methylprednisolone 500 mg every other day for 8 days and 1000mg once on a different occasion and i tried cellcept too for 3 months which is a powerful immunosuppressant used to prevent organ rejection and i used them for a different condition than pfs and anyway i didnt notice any benefit in both conditions except for improved sleep on methylprednisolone, both conditions worsened my sleep but i attribute the improvement in it to the other condition being improved, but methylprednisolone made things worse at the end of the 4 500mg doses i took as it lowered my testosterone (i know from lowered libido), took some time to get back to baseline.

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Auto-immunity is very likely not the cause of PFS. As you’ve seen yourself, taking powerful immune-suppressing drugs does nothing or very little for the symptoms. There aren’t much in the scientific literature that would indicate immune system involvement either.

Here’s a literature review that informed the current research that’s going on -