Antibiotic windows - possible reason

As we all know, it tends to happen people get windows from antibiotics. This was often related to the gut, but I found out something else. For the people who believe in gene silencing being the cause of our problems, this might fit into that picture. ‘‘Drugs that interfere with methylation include valproic acid, cholestyramine, oral contraceptives, PPIs, and antibiotics.’’

‘‘Antibiotics suppress colon tumorigenesis through inhibition of aberrant DNA methylation’’

‘‘Antibiotics like amoxicillin, sulfamethoxazole, doxycycline and dozens more. Antibiotics kill your intestinal microflora (what you call your probiotics). Without the friendly gut flora, you cannot produce vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin). You also cannot activate riboflavin or folate so therefore, your methylation is blocked.’’

Could it be that because of these interfering effects with methylation, it creates a window? What u guys think?

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I took a PPI which I assume means Proton Pump Inhibitor while I was crashing with pfs…Almost had to go to the er…Symptoms were so bad I got deathly ill…

Theories aside, there was a member here many years ago who was on doxycycline long-term because he said it helped curb his symptoms:

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I ve just got a big windows taking antibiotics, wow… all the improvements stopped after I quit… unfortunatly… should we try anything a little less damaging than antibiotics?

( this week on antiiotics had windowns of completly out of pfs, not just “feeling better” just my old self)

After one week of feeling bad after leaving antibotics I have decided to start a new run of Doxiciclyne 100mg/day I will comment after some days have passed.

Watch out with doing antibiotics too often. Very bad for ur gut health. But good luck!

I know but fuck it, I want to feel normal again

I just found out antibiotics are also HDAC inhibitors. This can explain a lot and seems to be even the more logical reason for improvement on antibiotics. It gives this temporary ‘‘unsilencing’’ effect while taking them, makes a lot of sense. I for instance feel better when I take sodium butyrate, also a HDAC inhibitor. Maybe this combination of decreasing methylation antibiotics do because of the reasons I mentioned above, and also being an HDAC inhibitor, can create these windows. @Belikewater

Do you feel like your ols self with dodyum butyrate?

Nooooo, i feel improvement not like my old self. But i am a quite severe case, can’t get out of bed etc.

Any improvements in sex sides? Or just mental.

mostly mental for me.

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