Anti-love biotechnology

An interesting read.

Finasteride, SSRIs, GnRHa drugs, and statins are mentioned.

No discussion of irreversible effects, of course.

Quite a terrifying concept.

This looks like a dystopian future. Evil bastards, they promote anti-love! They play with our sacred bodies and millions of years of natural evoulotion!

This is all belongs to the so called Enlightenment era, where Western culture started to oppress the nature and hold the side of rationality and science like a maniac. Look where we are know… this is where we get with our sacred and superior “minds”. A perfect irony from the mother nature to our logocentric Western pharmacy culture.


The paper discusses using such biotechnology to help those with harmful forms of lust and attachment, such as pedophilic inclinations and Stockholm Syndrome. How horrible! The authors chose a good title to get people agitated.

It all looks good on paper having control over one’s emotions and desires, but we know taking pharmaceuticals is a deal with the devil, where unintended effects are unacknowledged. The authors do consider the harm of off-target effects of some of the methods discussed.

Rationality and science are awesome and much needed for the advancement of humanity. Problems arise when lies and half-truths get mixed in with them.